Many internet users are seeking to acquire technical knowledge of precious metals in order to embark on a more creative craft activity than fimo clay. That's why we often get questions about metal working techniques that can't be solved in a single email. Indeed, the work of these metals such as silver or gold requires knowledge and especially a lot of practice.

Books silver work

We propose you to take stock of two books allowing you to deepen your knowledge on these questions.

"Les bijoux" by Carles Codina

This generalist work presents the traditional precious metals, their alloys and their properties, the recognition of the titles, how to melt them and details the importance of the thermal treatments to work them.

It then introduces the basic techniques and tools for shaping precious metals. Once again, although everything is explained, the jeweler's know-how and experience allow him to wait for the results shown in the photo. The book goes on to detail more advanced techniques such as the use of acids to etch metals, crimping techniques and how to work with lost wax.

The chapter "step by step" is particularly interesting to discover all the stages of manufacture from the sketch to the finish.

This generalist book allows you to answer all the common questions you ask yourself about jewelry making and understand how they are made. You will not find tips and tricks of jewelers to solve the problems that arise during your work.

"Le sertissage des bijoux" by Anastasia Young

Here is a more focused book that doesn't detail the basic techniques mentioned in the previous book. The whole book presents the techniques of setting precious and precious stones for jewelry making. The interest of the book is that it presents in detail the precious stones and the different types of crimps as well as the necessary tools and the problems that can be met.

This book is really a broad source of information for the neophyte. It will be necessary to take a step back with certain techniques that professionals of this forum (fr) question, rightly according to the explanations that we could read.

See this book as a very good starting point to enrich your knowledge.

Balance sheet

If these two books are interesting to learn and understand how are made jewelry, they also allow afterwards to appreciate more finesse the work done on jewelry that can see later.

Finally, if you are considering learning for professional purposes, we will be very much recommending you to consider a training approved by the state like that of the institute of Saumur (fr).

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September 09, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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