Diamonds hold an important place in African economy. And since it's well organized and valued in the official economy, its benefits can be numerous both economically and socially.

Botswana is the perfect example of a possible nonviolent and peaceful development of diamond industry in Africa.
The country's political stability since independence in 1966, its prudent fiscal policy and its management choices in the mining sector have allowed it to prosper rapidly and for decades through the export of diamonds.

Diamond impact Botswana

Reinvested profits at the service of country's development

Botswana government has invested mineral revenues in improving the economic and social conditions of the country : building infrastructure, setting up a health system, setting up a free education system ...

The benefits of Debswana's employees - a Botswana-owned diamond mining company owned 50-50 by De Beers and the Botswana government - in relation to other sectors are also of interest : higher minimum wage, health insurance, drug retirement and free housing in semi-detached houses...
A still uncommon view of mine work as an example to other countries.

Botswana impact diamond economy


Strong economy dependence on diamond sector

Botswana's GDP growth was around 8% per year until the late 1990s, ranking among the world's most prosperous economies. Diamond industry is the driving force behind this growth and the state-led development strategy. But the drop in demand for diamonds in 2009 has threatened the economic model so far stable and focused on the economy's over-dependence on the mining sector.

This growth derived from diamonds and these investments for the social development of the country are to contrast with other realities :

Botswana is among the worst-ranked countries in terms of income inequality, it has the second highest adult HIV / AIDS prevalence rate and its human development index has deteriorated.

Pink diamond

SI2 pink diamond of 0.13 carats

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August 14, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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