Jewelry with lapis lazuli stone

Lapis lazuli stone has been exploited for making objects, amulets and jewels for thousands of years.

She was particularly appreciated by Egyptians who considered it a precious stone.

Timeless stone, it is still used in the fields of jewelry, jewelry and watchmaking in our time.

Discover here some of our achievements of lapis lazuli jewelry, made in our jewelry workshop, custom orders highlighting the lapis lazuli stone (fr).

This type of lapis lazuli stone jewelry is available for sale through our custom made creation service.

Rings with lapis lazuli stone

Of all the combinations of stones possible for a ring, it seems normal to find lapis lazuli on the rings that we present here.

Ring for women in gold and diamond 

lapis lazuli ring

18-karat yellow gold ring, custom cut lapis lazuli and round diamond of 2mm diameter in closed setting

The pyrite bursts of stone here recall a starry sky highlighted by the brilliance of the central diamond.

The steps of manufacture are visible here (fr).


Silver ring with lapis lazuli 

Another example of a silver ring this time with just two small round cut cabochon stones set on the uprights of a silver corset ring.

Silver engagement ring with lapis lazuli stone

Signet ring lapis lazuli

signet ring lapis lazuli

Sterling silver signet ring with lapis lazuli stone made entirely according to the creativity of the client

This signet signifies a TVG on its tracks running its way around the finger.

The manufacture steps are visible here (fr).


Pendants with lapis lazuli

With rings, pendants are very exposed to the eyes of others and therefore offer a place of choice to show the deep blue tones of lapis lazuli.

18-karat yellow gold pendant 

18-karat yellow gold pendant with lapis lazuli

18-karat yellow gold pendant adorned with 45 sapphires surrounding the figure 50, itself made of 5 parts of lapis lazuli cut especially for this project

Round sapphires will be crimped while lapis lazuli will be integrated into the pendant by the cloisonné technique.

The steps of the manufacture are visible here (fr).


18-karat white gold pendant 

 18-karat white gold pendant with lapis lazuli stone

18-karat white gold pendant for women and natural lapis lazuli stone orned with a beautiful 3 mm diamond at the top. You'll notice the bail totally invisible.

Discover the manufacture steps of this necklace presented here (fr).

The following video shows you in particular the steps of cutting and shaping lapis lazuli stone mounted on this white gold pendant.

Silver pendant with lapis lazuli

This pendant is in silver, but also in wood and gold.

It is encrusted with lapis lazuli stone in the form of an Egyptian scarab carved in the mass.

Egyptien pendant

General view of the pendant, while below we can see the detail of the carved stone shaped scarab.

Scarab lapis lazuli stone

Discover here the manufacture steps of this Egyptian silver pendant.

Bracelet lapis lazuli

lapis lazuli bracelet

Sterling silver bracelet made of three lapis lazuli cut to size in the rough rock

This bangle for men is a massive piece consisting of a square section body articulated with a hinge to open it in two.

Fragments of lapis lazuli cut in rectangular shape adorn the upper part of the bracelet which is 10 millimeters wide.

The steps of the manufacture are visible here (fr).


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September 10, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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