Being located in Mexico, in Puerto Vallarta and very close to the seaside, we often have the opportunity to be in touch with the marine fauna.

Whether it's the dolphins that accompany us on a boat trip, an outing to see the whales, a ray that meets us during a snorkeling trip or a release of baby turtles.

baby sea turtle being freed


 The release of sea turtles
The association of protection of turtles El Naranjo
The jewelry collection: Tortuga Feliz


The release of sea turtles

Last year, my 4-year-old son participated in a marine turtle release organized by a local association.

You can imagine his emotion just by seeing his face on this picture:

release of sea turtles in the pacific ocean made in puerto vallarta

It should be known that the beaches of Mexico welcome for the egg-laying of their eggs, 5 of the 7 species of marine turtles in the world.

Many NGOs protect nests because of the risk they pose to poachers who steal eggs for consumption or for resale.

During a second family outing to release turtles, we discovered this association: Campamento El Naranjo which, like others, takes care of collecting turtle nests to protect them until hatching and organize the release of baby turtles.

sea turtles nests stocked for protection

View of the turtle nests storage area of the association

The association is collecting nests and counting them to monitor the health of the sea turtle population on the 8 km of shoreline it manages.

sea turtles nest kept warm

During this visit, we were able to help release a turtle nest.

The operation begins by extracting from the nests all the turtles that have already emerged from their shells.

sea turtles babies

Then, the turtles are left alone for 15 or 20 minutes to give them time to gain strength before releasing them into the ocean.

release of sea turtles to the ocean

babies sea turtles making their way to the ocean

This unforgettable experience made me want to do something to help this association Campamento El Naranjo knowing that their main concern is to raise funds for their operation.

The sea turtle protection association

To quickly introduce this association, it began to operate in 2013.

It is located in the state of Nayarit at 2 hours drive from our local Puerto Vallarta.

sea turtle camp location

Location of the El Naranjo turtle protection camp, you can click on the map to see the camp via Google map.

The association deals with the protection of the nests, but also with the education of the populations in order to sensitize the younger ones to the protection of the turtles and to stop the consumption of turtle eggs by the local populations.

For the past three years, here are her counts of turtle nests protected during the last three years:

2015 season: 548 protected nests and 34,987 released turtles
2016 season: 543 protected nests and 25,610 released turtles
2017 season: 547 protected nests and 26,798 released turtles
2018 season: ongoing
Their main items of expenditure are:

Purchase and maintain the quad used to monitor the spawning area extending over 8 kilometers of beach.
buying gas for the quad
Financial dedication of the volunteer patrolling the night (he earns about 200 pesos a week, a misery, to patrol every night from July to November)
purchase of polystyrene coolers to keep turtle nests during the 45 days of incubation required for hatching
The camp is simple with a prefabricated turtle nests, a shelter for volunteers who wish to spend the night, toilets and an office, as you can see in this photo.

 sea turtle association camp

You can follow this association via their facebook page here

 Currently, the association is raising funds in the following ways:

  • Direct donations on site but also online here.
  • 200 pesos per person wishing to spend the night on the camp and help collect turtle nests, including food
  • The idea is to offer a third source of income for this association by creating a turtle jewelry collection, of which 20% of the income will be donated to them.

You can see here the partnership agreement that we signed with them to help them.

Turtle jewelry collection: TORTUGA FELIZ

The goal is simple, create a small collection of turtle jewelry simple, original and accessible so that lovers of jewelry and nature can make a gesture of support while having fun.

The collection is composed for the moment of 4 jewels, two rings and two pendants that you can discover here.

The jewelry collection is called: Tortuga Feliz

jewelry to save sea turtles

More information:



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