The lapis lazuli stone is relatively little used today in jewelry, while this stone was used extensively in antiquity for more than 7000 years, both as an ornamental stone and jewelry making.
In antiquity, lapis lazuli stone was ground to make pigments for murals and was even consumed for its supposed properties of aphrodisiacs.

In our case, we use here the real lapis lazuli stone for the making of a silver bangle bracelet for men with incrustations of this stone on the clasp of the jewel.

lapis lazuli bracelet for men

Bracelet man with lapis lazuli stones in sterling silver, see our online jewelry creation service

Due to its deep blue color reminiscent of royal blue, lapis lazuli stone is suitable for making both men's and women's jewelry. Here is an example of jewelry using lapis lazuli stone made in our jewelry workshop :

lapis lazuli pendant lapis lazuli scarab Lapis lazuli ring


Making the silver ring

The work of silver is divided into two parts :

  • on one hand the manufacture of the body of the roll in rolled square wire
  • on the other hand the manufacture of the clasp in which the stones are encrusted

    Silver ring

    Work on the body of the bracelet begins with the rolling of a silver bar big enough to obtain a square rod section 5x 4.5 millimeters.


    This is shaped by bending to take an oval shape. Once manufactured, we put it on hold in order to advance on the clasp in order to be able to adjust the two pieces one on the other.

    silver shaping

    Preparation of the inlaid clasp

    The rolling work is repeated with a small silver plate to make the body of the rabbable clasp of our bracelet.

    lapis lazuli bracelet

    Laminated silver plate used to make the bracelet clasp

    The location of lapis lazuli stones that will be encrusted in the clasp is then traced on our silver plate.


    The delimited area is then hollowed out with the file in order to obtain a channel in which the pieces of lapis lazuli stone can be encrusted.

    Lapis lazuli bracelet

    Then we can weld in this channel the silver separators located between each lapis lazuli stone.

    lapis lazuli bracelet

    We can then adjust this clasp to the body of the rush, and then inlay the lapis lazuli stones.

    Adjustment and assembly of the bracelet

    The final quality of the bracelet depends in part on the quality of adjustment of the clasp with the body of the ring.

    This is done by creating an extra length on the body of the ring which is cut out taking into account the finalized clasp. The view below shows the two pieces before fitting.

    Lapis lazuli bracelet

    View of the two pieces being adjusted, it's clear that the body has been cut to the good length and the clasp filed at these ends to fit the body of the bracelet.

    lapis lazuli bracelet

    View of the square wire of the body of the bracelet and the plate for the clasp adjusted to each other

    The body of the bracelet is then filed, drilled to be able to receive the removable clasp via a hinge.

    Lapis lazuli bracelet

    We note the hole of the hinge for the fastening of the clasp and the hook for holding the wing

    We now have to cut our rough lapis lazuli stone in order to cut the pieces that will be inlaid in the clasp.

    Lapis lazuli bracelet

    Raw lapis lazuli stone next to our silver bracelet in the making

    Cut of lapis lazuli stone 

    For this project, we started from a block of raw lapis lazuli.

    The work is then more interesting than starting from a big cabochon of stone, but the work of cut is also longer and laborious.

    Lapis lazuli stone

    Our raw lapis lazuli stones used for this project

    The stone is first cut with a diamond saw to obtain flat surfaces in which are then cut the fragments we need.

    Lapis lazuli stone

    Obtaining a fragment after several cuts in the heart of the raw stone

    This repeated operation allows us to obtain the 3 pieces of lapis lazuli needed for our project.

    Lapis lazuli bracelet

    The clasp beforehand prepare with silver separators

    Lapis lazuli bracelet

    The stones are then adjusted to their place and then glued in place with resin.

    Lapis lazuli bracelet

    Adjustment of lapis lazuli stones on the bracelet

    Then finally we can sand them until they are flush with the silver and then polish them.

    Lapis lazuli bracelet

    Clasp finalized before assembly on the body of the rigid bracelet

    After final polishing of the jewel, we can admire the result of our work.

    Lapis lazuli bracelet

    Lapis lazuli bracelet

    Lapis lazuli bracelet

    Lapis lazuli bracelet worn on the wrist 

    Engraving of the bracelet

    To finish this bracelet, we made a custom engraving on the back of the clasp, at the diamond point.


    bracelet engraving

    Other creations of bracelets for men 

    Here are other examples of bracelets for men made in our jewelry workshop

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    September 17, 2019 — Hugo Maherault



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