Lapis lazuli stone has been sought after to adorn princely rings and jewelery for thousands of years.

Its natural deep blue color has seduced men and women over the ages.

Used for over 7000 years by man, it is not surprising that it is still used to adorn jewelry.

The lapis lazuli stone is characterized by the sometimes presence of splinters of yellow pyrite which gives the impression of a milky way of gold flakes of the most beautiful effect.

Here are some lapis lazuli ring projects we made in our jewelry workshop.

lapis lazuli mens ring in silver lapis lazuli gold ring and diamond lapis lazuli engagement ring in silver


  1. Lapis lazuli men's ring
  2. Lapis lazuli gold ring with a solitaire diamond
  3. Lapis lazuli silver engagement ring

Lapis lazuli men's ring

Lapis lazuli gemstone is the ideal stone for men. It has a strong hue, it's inexpensive and easy to cut, to it is the perfect stone for any men looking for a large blue stone set on its ring.

For this project, we present the step by step creation process of a men signet ring set with a large lapis lazuli.

This is a train ring design, custom made for our client, a TGV (French bullet train) driver.

lapis lazuli mens ring

Lapis lazuli men's ring made through our online custom made service

The aim of the project is to represent a train type TGV ring.

The creation of the ring begins therefore by taking into account the customer drawing and the picture of the reference train to be reproduced.

designing lapis lazuli men's ring

Sketch of the project and picture of the train to be made on the ring

The ring is made of a ring representing the rails on which a stylized TGV is mounted.

On the latter is set a lapis lazuli stone whose blue color is obviously reminiscent of the real train.

Making of the silver ring

The project begins with a 3D modeling phase that allows us to virtually sculpt the shapes of our ring project.

With the virtual photos of the digital model, we get this rendering, close to the future real rendering.

rendering view of lapis lazuli ring

Rendering view of the silver ring project with the lapis lazuli stone on it

Once this design is validated by the project sponsor, we can launch the physical manufacture of the signet ring.

The 3D printing process allows us to physically obtain in resin our ring which was until now virtual.

The signet ring consists of two pieces, the ring-shaped rail and the train.

view showing both parts of the silver ring that will be set with lapis lazuli stone

Then, by the lost-wax casting process, we make a refractory plaster mold in which the molten silver is then cast, thus allowing us to obtain the pieces of our silver ring.

silver parts for the lapis lazuli ring making

Rough silver parts after the casting process

The pieces are then deburred and then retouched and pre-polished before being assembled by soldering.

soldering silver ring parts

Welding of the silver ring parts

At this point, we can start the cutting work of lapis lazuli stone.

Cutting the lapis lazuli stone

For this big job, we start from a blog of raw lapis lazuli.

Three qualities of stones are possible, we will choose the best, the one presenting a deep blue with few incrustations of pyrites (on the left of the photo).

lapis lazuli rough pieces before cutting

See 3 different grades of lapis lazuli stone with the best grade on the left

To cut the stone, we use a diamond disc mounted on micro motor and regularly cool the stone in water, which also serves as a lubricant for cutting.

lapis lazuli cutting for ring making

Cutting the lapis with diamond cutting saw
Video showing the lapis lazuli cutting process

The stone is cut and set in place.

rough lapis lazuli set on silver ring being made

Setting the stone on the men's silver ring

First cut the edges of the stone to ensure its fit in its location and then stick it in place.

Then we retouch the upper part by cutting and polishing successively to give it the desired curvature.

lapis lazuli curring once set on the ring

 Finishing to cut the stone once set in place on the ring

Finishing the ring

The silver ring and the lapis lazuli stone are polished.

lapis lazuli ring making

View of the ring after polishing of the ring and the stone

In order to bring out the details of the train, the ring is oxidized to blacken the silver.

lapis lazuli ring with oxidized silver

The last polishing makes it possible to bring out the brilliance of the silver leaving only the blackened hollows, which makes it possible to appreciate at best the hollows and reliefs of the model of TGV.

lapis lazuli mens ring in silver

See the details of the train design highlighted by the oxidized silver

lateral view lapis ring for men

silver ring for men with lapis lazuli stone

Lateral view of the men's ring showing the rail and the train

Lapis lazuli gold ring with diamond

This next project is a lapis lazuli gold ring for women with a solitaire diamond set in the center of the lapis lazuli stone.

This is 6 grams 18k gold ring measuring 13 mm large with a 2 mm HSI white diamond on its center et flush.

This is another custom made ring project.

lapis lazuli gold ring with diamond for women

Front view of the lapis lazuli gold ring showing the lapis lazuli and the central diamond

At the origin of the project, our client wanted to associate lapis lazuli stone with a diamond on a gold mount.

His choice fell on a lapis lazuli stone studded with pyrite to obtain the effect of a starry sky.

lapis lazuli natural gemstone

Natural lapis lazuli stone with pyrite incrustation

The design of our client is then modeled in CAD in order to become a part of her project.

lapis lazuli gold ring rendering views

Photo rendering of the ring project before starting the making

At this point, the project can be validated by the customer and then started in manufacturing by starting with the 3D printing of our wax model.

lapis lazuli wax ring models

3D wax model of the ring made with a 3D printer

Gold making

Then the melting operation, during which the molten gold is poured into the mold made with our wax master.

Allowing us to get the raw cast metal ring.

rough gold lapis lazuli ring

Rough gold ring after casting process

The ring is then cleaned, deburred and the lapis lazuli stone is cut and shaped in order to fit better to its housing in the ring.

gold ring for women with its lapis lazuli stone on the side before setting

Picture showing the lapis lazuli stone ready to be fitted on the gold ring

setting the lapis lazuli stone on the gold ring

Then the diamond can be crimped into place at the center of the ring.

It is a small diamond of 2 millimeters diameter HSI quality.

diamond set in place on women gold ring before lapis lazuli stone setting

View of the diamond in the middle of the ring before setting the lapis lazuli stone in place

We can now put the lapis lazuli stone and polish the final ring.

view of the lapis lazuli ring in gold with its diamond

lapis lazuli gold ring

rear view of the lapis lazuli gold ring

View from beneath showing the gold basket under the stone with geometric shapes

lapis lazuli ring on finger

picture showing the lapis lazuli ring project and the real finished ring

View of the ring on the jeweler's workbench

Lapis lazuli silver engagement ring

This project is a lapis lazuli ring made as an engagement ring. It is made of silver and set with small zirconia and small cabochons of natural lapis lazuli stones.

lapis lazuli engagement ring

Silver engagement ring showing both lapis lazuli cabochons

Design of the ring

This is a corset ring set with 50 1mm white zirconia on both sides, 6 1mm turquoise zirconia on the center and two lapis lazuli cabochon on the sides.

lapis lazuli engagement ring in silver

 Rendering view of the computerized design of the ring custom made through our online service

Making of the ring 

As for the other project, once the design is frozen by our client, the ring is 3D printed in wax and cast in silver.

The rough silver ring is then polished and the stones set in place and the inner mesh of the ring is oxidized in black.

lapis lazuli engagement ring made in silver for wedding proposal

 lapis lazuli engagement ring on finger

lapis lazuli engagement ring for women


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