Lapland is a northern European country, spreading over four countries, from west to east : Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. On these lands where the cold and a great nature reign, lives for millennia the Sami people.

Lappish jewel

A people from the cold

The Sami (or Saami, or Sames) inhabit the Scandinavian lands for tens of thousands of years. This ancestral people moved at the rhythm of transhumance herds of reindeer they raised for their meat, their skin and their woods. Today, the Sami have abandoned this nomadic lifestyle although a few thousand of them still practice reindeer breeding.

Sami craftsmanship is highly developed. Women used to make warm clothes and shoes for themselves and their husbands to hunt or fish. Cutlery is also an important part of Lappish crafts, as is the art of jewelry.

Sami jewel

The ornaments made by the Sami are often related to a shamanic conception of the universe and weave close links with the omnipresent nature. The motifs are each of significant significance in relation to the Lappish beliefs.

The main materials used by the Lapps for the creation of traditional jewelry are leather made from reindeer skin, silver and tin wire, pearls, horn, wood and fabric.

A craftsmanship brought up to date

Swedish fashion designer Hanna Wallmark has revived the art of the Sami people. She creates Lappish bracelets that have a resounding and immediate success. Fine, delicate and elegant, they could only encourage acceptance, whether from men or women.

There are now bracelets of this type in many jewelers and under various banners, the fashion of the ethnic jewel is never neglected. However, for an original and authentic jewel, we will prefer the hand-made and traditional materials.

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Chic ethnic bracelets

The Lappish bracelet is now seen on all wrists. It is made of a reindeer leather cuff, on which are braided silver and tin threads, in various and varied patterns. The clasp is made of wood or reindeer horn.

In revisited and chic versions, the Lapland bracelet incorporates colorful pearls or jewels. Therefore, there are now Lapland bracelets of all kinds and at all prices. They can therefore be associated with many styles. Moreover, both men and women have adopted this bracelet from the cold.

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    How to choose and wear the sami bracelet ?

    To choose a Lappish bracelet, it is advisable to favor the craftsmen who work in the respect of the Sami traditions. Indeed, this jewel carries in him a part of the soul of this ancestral people, and it is a question of respecting it. The work of the skin, the weaving of the silver braid, the making of the clasp ... are all characteristics to take into account when choosing a lappish jewel.

    On most online shops of artisans offering handmade Lapon bracelets, several widths are proposed. In absolute terms, it is recommended to measure the wrist circumference and add one centimeter. The width of the cuff differs : wider bracelets will be worn more by men. Women are used to wearing and superimposing several thin bracelets on their wrists. It's all about finding the right balance.


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    September 05, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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