For men with large hands and therefore a large finger size, it is often difficult to find in the trade rings or signet rings adapted to their measurement.

It's generally referred to large size ring from a size EEC 68 which corresponds to a size US12 1/4.

It's therefore necessary for some customers to use our services to tailor a ring to their finger size.

If you are unsure about your own finger size, this article will simply explain how to measure it.

If you're not sure which finger will wear your ring, this article will help you navigate.

Over time, we had the opportunity to make several custom signet rings for sizes of 70, 72, 74 and even size 82.

Manufacturing big sized rings 

If for our customers a large ring is just a ring a little larger, the thing is more complicated for the jeweler.

Indeed, a large ring implies that the triboulet usually used by the jeweler no longer allows to measure the ring size.

In fact, standard stubbles can measure ring sizes up to a ring size of 68.

Triboulet for rings measurement

View of two tribulets, used to measure the size of the rings

For sizes beyond 68, it is necessary to have a specific triboulet adapted to large finger size as shown in the previous picture.

Signet rings of size 68 to 82

These signet rings are made to measure or from our ring designs but each made according to the specific dimensions of our customers whose finger size is not commonly available in jewelry.

Amethyst signet ring

Silver bishop's signet ring made in our jewelry workshop and whose details of manufacture is presented here. 

Amethyst signet ring

Men's amethyst signet ring in silver size 75 US15

Onyx signet ring with fleurs de lys 

Rings from our collection of signet rings for men and manufactured in big sizes.

Gold signet ring with onyx

72 gold signet ring with a set onyx and two HSI diamonds

This signet ring is part of our collection visible here and the details of its manufacture are presented through this article (fr).

Gold signet ring with onyx

Gold signet ring of size 70 featuring a fleur de lys and an onyx stone

This signet ring is also part of our collection.

Gold and silver signet ring representing the mosque of the dome of the rock in Jerusalem

Islam signet ring

Large size ring 68 with the design of a building

The details of this made-to-measure ring are visible here.

Signet rings with initials

Signet ring initials

Silver signet ring with gold initials of size 69

This ring was made to measure and the details of its elaboration are presented here.

Head lion signet ring 

From our collection, made in silver size 82, this ring is available here.

Head lion ring

Even past my thumb, this signet remains much larger than my finger.

Religious signet ring in 18-karat gold

Made to measure a religious signet ring representing the symbol of chrism in 18-karat yellow gold and made in size 72.

Discover here the making of such a ring in our jewelry workshop.

Chrism ring Chrism ring


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October 09, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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