Lizard ring

The salamander is a mythological animal, known in antiquity to live in the midst of flames.

This is certainly the case of our engraved ring of a salamander that took shape in a molten silver bath at more than 900 ° C.

This solid silver ring, represents a lizard on the top of the ring, engraved crossing through the ring.

This is a men's ring 10 mm wide and weighting 8 grams.

sterling silver lizard ring

 Custom made sterling silver lizard ring

The story of this jewel begins with the realization last year of a lizard-shaped ring that a customer asked us to do to make his request for engagement.

This time, it was his wife who asked us to take over the design of the salamander to make an engraved ring of the animal for his spouse.

To stay closer to the design, we modeled the ring by CAD and then printed it in 3D.

wax model of the lizard ring

The master of the ring on his casting shaft before the silver casting operation

After the melting operation, we get our solid silver ring in its raw state. Notice how well the shape of the animal is visible. We see the details of the printing layers that are only 30 microns thick.

rough silver lizard ring

Silver engraved ring through with the distinctive shape of the lizard

It remains then only the polishing operation to give its final gloss to the metal.

men lizard ring

Silver lizard ring views

lizard shape ring


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April 05, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant
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