This project is our first achievement as a manufacturing service for a craftsman creating leather jewelry located in France (Brittany).

Olivier Lesaint is the manager and webmaster of the Made In Bretagne online jewelry shop offering handcrafted leather bracelets for men.

Seduced by his work and his website, we offered him to make his work known to our visitors.

From this discussion, Olivier's idea was born to propose a new range of luxury men's bracelets with personalized magnetic silver clasps.

magnetic silver clasps

View of the two silver fasteners of the magnetic clasp for leather bracelet

Note that we regularly manufacture custom bracelets on behalf of our individual customers, but that as much as we also manufacture small series accessories (fr) for creative craftsmen.

From the idea to the tools of manufacture

Olivier told us the specifications of the ideal clasp he wanted and from there we modeled in CAD different clasp models that could meet his needs.

Once the design was confirmed, we launched in the USA manufacturing masters male and female fasteners, made of steel and manufactured by 3D laser printing.

Update: we are now doing in-house 3D printing of our Resin Masters (03/2019).

These steel masters then served us to make two silicone molds, allowing us to produce in small series the wax parts.

These pieces were then assembled into a cluster to make a plaster mold and then pour the molten silver into it.

Silicone molds

See here rubber molds used to produce waxes  

Of course we encountered some problems.

The first of these is that 3D laser steel printing doesn't give a smooth surface to the masters.

The second is that the engraving of the MIB logo originally planned was not deep enough, it was attenuated to polishing. So we made the decision to produce this first series without the logo.

steel masters

We can see here the appearance of granular surface given by the laser fusion on the steel powder

steel masters

Detail view of the male part with the recess provided for the magnet that will be glued

The result of silver clasps

This is the result once silver is poured into the mold in plaster and the parts cleaned and polished.

magnetic silver clasps

View of the interfaces of male and female parts of the clasp with the housing of the magnet.

magnetic silver clasp

Result : finished bracelet

leather bracelet

You can see here in photo the work done by Olivier, a flat leather bracelet with its magnetic clasp in sterling silver. Olivier offers two versions of his bracelet, in black leather and taupe leather.


If you're a jewelry designer, we invite you to contact us via our quote page.


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August 19, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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