We are sometimes asked to make designs for rings or custom signet rings in small series, whether for clubs, associations or large families or even creative craftsmen wishing to launch a new jewelry collection.

This kind of jewelry making in small lots is usually complicated for our customers.

Indeed, few jewelers are capable of mass production and mass-produced companies are not interested in manufacturing jewelry in quantities less than 100 pieces.

That's why we present here our capabilities of making gold and silver jewelry in small series of 3 to 50 pieces.

Here are some examples of rings and jewelry made in small series in our jewelry workshop.

You can make your quote request for your jewelry project, via this online form.

Lot of silver rings

Here are some examples of our production of rings in small series, service accessible via this page of the site.

Spartan rings

lot of spartan rings

View of 7 rings with identical design but different finger sizes

Here is a better view of the engraved design of the tray, accompanied by the design that served as a model.

Spartan silver signet ring Logo spartan ring


You can see how much the reproduction on the jewel of the drawing is faithful.

Biker rings

Jewels with representation of a skull are numerous, especially among the biker clubs.

In this case it was a set of 8 big signet rings for a motorcycle club.

Again, if the design of the rings was the same, the finger sizes were different for each ring.

Skull biker signet ring in silver

Manufacture details of this ring design can be viewed here

This kind of custom rings is manufactured on request, the customer providing the visuals to be represented on the ring tray and the engravings to be made on the amounts of it.

In the case presented, the skull is a computer-made 3D sculpture from the image file of the biker club having placed the order.

University signet ring

Manufacture from the same university signet ring design of different rings changing only by the finger size, the central stone set and the finish of the tray.

K1 signet ring Boxing signet ring

Duo K1 signet rings

Discover the manufacture of this ring here

Gold jewelry manufacture

Our custom jewelry creation service is available online here.

Set of rings in white gold and 18-karat pink gold

This time it was still an association wanting to make a batch of 18-karat gold and silver ring with some rings engraved or not.

Pink gold ring

View of rings in pink gold and 18-karat white gold

white gold signet ring

As you can see, from the same design of the signet ring, some rings had engravings on the side posts and others don't.

From the same ring design project, we were able to manufacture a series of 6 silver rings, 18-karat rose gold, 18-karat white gold of different ring sizes, some of which presented a lateral etching and others not.

Set of 3 gold coat of arms signet rings

In the case of this lot of 3 signet rings, one of them was very different from the others, with a form of oval tray and a small diamond set on the tray as well as initials engraved under the engraved patterns on the uprights of the ring.

set of gold rings

gold signet ring gold signet ring
gold signet ring gold signet ring


Wholesaler in silver jewelry

The development of a jewelry workshop able to meet the specific needs of our private customers has allowed us to develop in parallel a production capacity in small and medium series for creative artisans wishing to develop new collections.

This service allows them to launch small series of jewelry and test their sale before launching a large order more expensive in financial investment.

Here are some examples of silver jewelry made in small series on behalf of our customers.

Magnetic silver clasps

Made-to-measure manufacture of a series of silver magnetic clasps for the Made In Bretagne leather bracelets company.

Leather bracelet with clasp


In this article is described the method of manufacture of these magnetic clasp in silver.

Silver earrings

Manufacture of twenty pairs of simple silver earrings.

silver earrings

Small pairs of earrings made in small series 925 silver

Another example with the manufacture of large silver earrings with blown glass beads.

silver earrings silver earrings silver earrings

Sets of earrings

Silver pendants

Manufacture of custom pendants adapted to blown glass beads.

silver pendant silver pendant Silver pendant


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