It's customary to offer a medal at baptisms, whether religious or civil. However, medal is a jewel that can take an infinity of styles.

Often it's gold, but can also be made of silver, as is the case of this custom medal from a photo.

It's a medal representing an ancient Greek face engraved in relief from the photo of an ancient sculpture of Greek face.

Another characteristic of this silver medal is 25 millimeters in diameter.

Note that this isn't the first jewel of Greek inspiration that we have the opportunity to create in our jewelry workshop, you'll find a quick presentation of our achievements of Greek jewelry through this article.

engraved silver medal

Medal with Greek silver face made through our custom jewelry creation service

You'll notice the details of this project that make it so special, the embossing of the face with the most visible details (mouth, nose, ears and hair).

Medal design 

For this kind of project, medal customization is usually done by the flat engraving (via a diamond point) of a photo whereas in our case, the photo of the face is represented in three dimensions by an engraving (sculpture) in relief of the face presented in photo below.

Unlike traditional medals, this jewel will be a tactile jewel that can be felt and appreciated with the fingers.

Our project begins by taking into account the reference design desired by the customer, namely the photo of the carved head from a Greek statue.

Greek face

Sculpture of a Greek woman's head to take as a model for the creation of our silver medal

For the realization of this project, we'll have resorted to the most powerful computer tools at our disposal, namely a 3D digital modeling software.

Then begins the sculpture phase of our digital model to reproduce the actual sculpture from his photo.

Greek silver medal

Sculpture via CAD is to recreate in a virtual way the old sculpture presented above in photo

The embossed head is included in the medallion with double edges themselves also in relief.

Silver manufacture of the medal 

Once the design is validated by our client, we can continue with the metal manufacture of the jewel.

As a result of the realization of our work, the 3D printing process will allow us to make concret the work done in digital sculpture.

The computer model will then be printed in a physical model of resin.

We then obtain a wax model of our medal, as you see below.

wax medal

On the wax model, we see the details of the eyes, ears and curls of the Greek head

We can then make the silver medal by the lost wax casting process.

The resin master is used to make a mold that will eventually receive molten silver. This process is summarized in pictures in the following video :


We thus obtain, by this process, our silver medal, in accordance with the wax master and numerical modeling.


embossed silver medal

View of the medal at the end of the casting process, still raw foundry

In the case of this jewel, we were not satisfied with the bottom of the coin, too rough with the streaks left by the 3D printing (which are only 30 micrometers).

Because this hollow area is difficult to access for sanding and polishing, we preferred to cut the face to weld it on another silver-coated plate that would be prepared separately.

custom medal

The Greek head cut off the medal, the bottom of it being not good enough

A laminated silver plate is then prepared to ensure a good smooth surface on which will be welded and the Greek silver head and circles around.

custom medal

Plate of silver laminated receiving the different pieces of the medal

The two outer circles are prepared separately, so that they fit perfectly with regular spacing.

custom medal

Then they are welded in place.

custom medal

View of the medal with surplus material on the edges before cut

The perimeter of the medal is then cut off.

custom medal

The medal finalized before the polishing operations

We then have to make the bail that will be welded in place and polish the jewel carefully.

custom medal

View of the medal with the embossed head showing the hair

custom medal

Detailed view of the face engraved in relief from the photo showing the detail of the nose, mouth and eyes.

custom medal

Different views of the finalized silver medal, mounted on a simple chain (fr)

In the same vein, here are other examples of jewelry (pendants or medals) representing relief carvings of face, person or animals showing the realism that it is possible to give to a jewel from a simple photo.

horse pendant maure head pendant custom silver pendant


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September 01, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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