Follow the creation of a men's ring representing the third holy place of Islam.

For those who are interested in Islam or the history of the three major monotheistic religions, you have certainly heard of the mosque Dome of the rock built in Jerusalem.

The big signet ring that we present here is a faithful reproduction in solid silver and 18k gold of this Muslim religious building.

The ring body and the building are reproduced in solid silver while the dome, covered with fine gold leaf on the real building is here represented in 18-karat solid gold.

islamic ring for men in silver and gold

Islamic men's ring in silver and solid gold

This is a particularly delicate creation because it was necessary to rebuild the mosque in CAD and then make the ring in three pieces by 3d printing them.

With a total weight of 35 grams, the ring includes about 1 gram of 18k gold.

This project has been made through our custom creation online service.

If you have a similar project as an Islamic ring or Muslim symbol you wish to make in jewelry, get in touch with us through our online form here.

The design of the mosque

Our work began with the gathering of photos and information about the architecture of the mosque allowing us to take the measurements of the walls and to respect the proportions of the dome in relation to them.

dome of the rock mosque plans for ring making

Details of walls and dome

Once the measurements were taken, we were able to move on to CAD design itself.

Our goal was to keep all the external details apparent.

cad drawing for the islamic ring jewelry creation

This drawing shows the main features of the ring and all the details of the mosque

photo rendering of the islamic ring for men

This large ring consists of three welded pieces

Making of the Muslim ring

Then follows the foundry work, where parts made by 3d printing are used to make molds in which gold and silver will be cast.rough silver parts of the islamic ring

One of the three pieces of our ring, in sterling silver

view of the bottom parts of the 3 parts of our muslim ring

The ring and tray of our signet ring out of foundry

Following the foundry operations to manufacture our metal parts, we still have to deburr them and assemble them by welding.

Careful polishing allows us to shine the ring of all its lights.

muslim ring showing the mosque Dome of the rock in Jerusalem

The silver is oxidized then polished so that all the details stand out

religious muslim ring, islamic mosquee dome of the rock

lateral view of the islamic ring showing the muslim mosque dome of the rock

View from another angle of the mosque ring


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April 10, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

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