Celtic rings have Celtic symbols, whether triskele or Celtic knots as found in the stone of many monuments scattered in Europe.

The ring we present here is a silver men's signet ring with a solid yellow gold triskele on the tray and gold lily flowers on the upright.

mens celtic ring with gold triskele

Molded gold triskele symbol on the plateau of the silver ring, this ring was made through our custom made jewelry service

A little of history of Celts

This aside to quickly summarize who are the Celts. I learn every time I realize a new project!

Ancestors of the Gauls, Celtic culture has spread throughout Western Europe as shown in this map.

 european map of celts in history

Nowadays, the Celtic territories are the western ends of the European continent

celtic nations nowadays

For more information about Celtic nations, check out Wikipedia on the subject.

Design of the ring

This ring is a family signet ring project that will be passed on from generation to generation.

The design is simple, signet ring with a round tray, which receives a triskele in gold and two Lilly flowers, symbol of the French royalty on the amounts of the ring.

The ring size is US 6 to be worn on the pinky finger.

The desired symbols are these:

celtic symbol triskele to make silver mens ring

The project begins with a digital model allowing us to transcribe the wishes of our client in concrete visuals.
celtic ring rendering design before jewelry making in silver and gold

Digital model of the project before manufacture

Once the design is frozen, the various gold and silver parts are made by 3D printing and then by the lost wax casting process.

The silver ring in the raw state of the foundry.

silver celtic ring making

Gold cast parts that will be set in place on the plateau of the signet ring.

gold triskele for celtic ring making

Gold triskele after casting process

gold parts for making celtic ring

The 4 pieces of our project are then deburred and polished.

To be then assembled welded.

The ring then receives its final polishing, giving us this result:

celtic silver ring with gold triskele on the plateau

celtic mens ring worn on the pinkie finger

View showing the gold triskele and the lily flower on the ring's arm


Another sort of Celtic jewelry made in our jewelry workshop:

celtic silver arm bracelet celtic silver wedding bands gold celtic ring
gold triskele pendant gold celtic cross pendant


More information:

April 16, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

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