The eagle is a mythological animal, used since the time of the Egyptians to symbolize the power of the gods or mysticism.

Chosen by the Romans, the Byzantines, Napoleon, the Russians empire or even the Nazis as an emblem to symbolize the power of their empire, the eagle, like the lion, is used in heraldry for family seals.

Even today, the eagle is used by the USA, Poland, and Mexico as an emblem of their nation.

Here you will find a detailed explanation of the symbolism of the heraldic eagle.

The men signet rings presented here are custom made in gold or silver for our clients following their requirement. Their creation is being described hereafter.

You can discover more about our custom made ring service here.

white gold eagle ring for men eagle gold signet ring with diamonds sterling silver eagle ring

Gold eagle ring for men

Eagle signet ring using a family emblem

This is a ring we had the opportunity to make both in white and yellow 18k gold, as you can see.

18k white gold eagle ring 18k yellow gold eagle ring

For this project, we started from the emblem drawing of our client to make a 3D modeling of his eagle design on the plateau of the signet ring.

eagle emblem drawing for mens ring making

Eagle family emblem used for this gold ring making

The reduction in size makes that one loses details of the drawing. To give an order of idea, the letters of the text will ultimately only a millimeter in height.

We also retouched the ends of the banner where the text is written to simplify the design which was not very visible once embossed.

We thus obtain a virtual sketch that allows us to have a good idea of the final rendering of our project.

eagle signet ring design

Following this first phase, synthesizing the needs of the customer and what we can do in terms of details, the design is frozen to go into manufacturing workshop.

First, we print a wax master of the future ring which will then be used to make the mold in which the gold will be poured. We can see here drafts of the plate of the signet ring and realize the rendering of the engraving in relief of the drawing.

wax 3d prints of the eagle design of the ring

3D print tests of the signet ring top

You may notice that the engraved text remains readable despite the smallness of the letters.

Then we go to the actual manufacturing, we use our master to make a plaster mold in which is cast our molten gold.

here is the ring after the finishing process.

yellow gold ealge ring for men

View of the eagle molded on top of the gold signet ring

eagle ring in 18k gold

Double-headed gold ring with diamonds

This is a larger men eagle ring project featuring a double-headed eagle made of both white and yellow 18k gold.

This ring is much bigger, much heavier and set with 84 small diamonds and 1 main princess cut diamond on the top.

Vivalatina's gold eagle ring

This ring is from our gold signet ring collection so we will not detail the design, just the making process, quite a time consuming, of this ring.

Made of gold

Like the precedent ring, this one is design with CAD software and the 4 parts of the ring are the 3D printed before making each part in 18k gold.

This ring is made in yellow gold for the eagle and inner ring and in white gold for the external body of the ring and the plate under the eagle.

Here you can see those part rough from the casting process.

double headed eagle in 18k yellow gold for large signet ring makingHere, those parts are being welded together.

welding of gold parts of the eagle ring

eagle ring making process jewelry shop

Although the assembling process of the ring is quite long, the main task for this ring lies in setting the numerous diamonds on it.

Set with diamonds

These are 84 small diamonds coming in 4 different sizes that are set in place and the main princess cut diamond at the end.

diamond setting on mens eagle ring

eagle ring with all diamonds set in place

Once finished and shiny 

Once polished, this ring unveils its white and yellow gold shine mixed with the diamonds' lights.

front view of eagle and main diamond zoom on the gold eagle and diamonds
mens eagle ring in 18k gold men eagle ring in 18k gold
lateral view of the ring showing the diamonds set on the ring body inner view of the ring

Silver eagle ring

This other project is custom made from the drawing made by our client.

men silver eagle ringOn this custom made eagle ring, you will notice the initial V and the laurel on each side of the eagle.

This ring was made from this drawing send to us.

eagle drawing for ring makingFrom this patchwork, we were able to make the numeric model for this project, as shown hereunder.

design of a silver ring with eagle emblem for men

With computerized rending tools, we have a better idea of the finish aspect of this ring once made in silver.

rendering in silver of the eagle ring model

We 3D printed this model in wax for making this ring in sterling silver using the lost wax casting process to obtain the rough silver part visible here.

rough silver eagle ring for men

Once polished and the silver oxidized to darken the metal, we can appreciate the final result.

eagle ring for men

eagle ring showing laurels

rear view of the silver eagle ring


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May 08, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

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