Tanzanite stone, although not listed as a precious stone, is a mesmerizing stone, not only because of its recent discovery by casualty but also because of its deep blue reflections.

Our client chose yellow gold for his Tanzanite ring.

mens yellow gold tanzanite ring

Yellow gold ring with cabochon blue tanzanite set

This tanzanite ring is made from one of our own signet ring design on which has been set a large cabochon tanzanite stone fitting our client's requirement.

This kind of customization is available through our custom making service online.

Ring's design

This ring is made by taking the design of one of the signet rings of our collection and replacing the onyx stone faceted by a big tanzanite cabochon.

large tanzanite cabochon for mens ring

Genuine tanzanite stone carved in cabochon to be set on the ring

You can see below the signet ring set with a faceted onyx stone.

large gold signet ring for men

The design of this ring was therefore adapted to crimp on the ring a stone as big, making 14.1 x 10 millimeters, or 8.6 carats.

Here is what gives the first sketches of this ring design with such a tanzanite cabochon:

tanzanite ring designing for men

The design of the ring gives us a good rendering of the volume occupied by the cabochon stone, while the rendering below allows us to see the rendering of the colors.

men tanzanite ring design and rendering

Rendering of the 3D model

Once the design is validated by the customer, we can proceed to the actual manufacture of the ring.

Gold ring making

We start the making by 3D printing the master model of the ring. This model will then be used to cast the ring in gold with all its details.

wax model or our tanzanite ring

Lost wax casting process allows us to get our gold ring from the wax ring model we had 3D printed previously.

You can check the septs of this process with this video:

You can see below our raw gold foundry ring at the end of the casting process.

raw gold rings before setting the tanzanite gemstone

Our tanzanite ring in the rough at the end of the casting step

A first blank test of tanzanite in its housing allows us to see the adjustments to be made and note the development of tanzanite in cabochon on the ring.

blank setting of the tanzanite stone on the rough gold ring

We are not sure if this is the ring that highlights the stone or the tanzanite that will highlight the gold ring.

tanzanite gold ring making

This exceptional stone cannot leave indifferent. Discovered in the 60s and still little known to the general public, it has already made a splash in the world of jewelry.

It has a deep blue color and color variations from red to purple when the stone is cut into facets.

Its blue color is well worth that of some sapphire while being more affordable than these.

We had to add a gold sheet inside the ring to close the inner ring body.

making the ring

 finished ring before setting the tanzanite in place

 View of the inner part of the ring closed by a sheet of gold

Then the ring can be set with 2 diamonds and tanzanite stone before final polishing.

We can then appreciate the final rendering of the ring and the blue chips of tanzanite.

finished tanzanite ring for men before delivery

Lateral view showing one of the two diamonds

cabochon tanzanite set on the ring

On this view, we appreciate the depth of tanzanite reflections

tanzanite ring

tanzanite gold ring wore on the ring finger

Tanzanite gold signet ring wore on the ring finger

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April 12, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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