Modern style rings feature simple designs with clean lines, which are timeless.

In this case, we'll present the same style of modern ring available in two versions, the first with two blue sapphires and the second with a single ruby.

We'll present you step by step, the creation of this design made in our jewelry workshop.

Modern gold ring

Modern ring made through our custom ring creation service

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Here is an overview of some other modern ring designs made in our jewelry workshop.

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A streamlined design

The genesis of this ring project was born from a ring project tailored for women combining modernity, timeless solid ring and sapphires.

So we created a simple ring whose upper part perfectly frames in width and height the two sapphires, these being found as embedded in the metal of the ring body.

modern white gold ring with sapphire

Sapphire white gold ring of modern style (see details of its manufacture here)

A ring design with a single ruby

This design is easily modifiable to replace the two sapphires with a single ruby while retaining the same design for the ring body.

Realization of the digital model

As for any new project, the design study is done via a digital model allowing us to realize the final appearance of the ring.

And since our client was indecisive as to which color of gold was best with ruby, we were able to make virtual photos of the two ring versions, in 18-karat white gold and 18-karat yellow gold.

Design ring

View of the 18-karat white gold modern ring project

design ring

Visualization of the 18-karat yellow gold ring

We see on these views that compared to the initial model, the ring body was refined down and widened at the top, allowing to protect the ruby.

The weight of gold has therefore increased a little from 8 grams to about 10 grams.

Workshop manufacture

Once the design was frozen and the choice was made on yellow gold, we were able to print the wax ring by 3D printing.

Wax model ring

Wax model of our modern ring obtained by 3D printing

This wax master is then used to create a refractory plaster mold in which our molten yellow gold is then poured. The steps of creating such a mold are summarized in this video (fr).

Description of the creation of a mold for the lost wax casting process

This manufacturing process, called lost-wax casting, allows us to obtain our 18-karat yellow gold ring body as it is visible below in its raw state on leaving the foundry.

modern gold ring

18-karat yellow gold casting carrot


Follows the polishing and crimping of the ruby to give the ring its appearance and final luster.

modern gold ring

Ruby ring being filed out of the cast

ring with ruby

View of the ring on the workbench

modern gold ring

modern gold ring

Zoom on the ruby of the ring

modern gold ring in its case

Our modern ring with ruby in its case

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September 30, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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