The engraving of his initials is a common and practical operation to personalize his signet ring.

These are the men who by far prefer the initial signs engraved with two or three letters on the board. This engraving can be done hollow or embossed on silver or gold.

When to make a gift, you are looking for a custom signet design different from the models of signet ring for men that we propose in our collection, the making of an engraved signet ring personalizes the jewel by making it unique.

Associated with the choice of the design of the signet ring and the decoration of the amounts of the ring, anyone can design his own signet ring of a unique style, as you can see through our articles presented at the end of this article.

monogram silver ring initial gold signet ring men's silver ring with 18k gold monogram

We suggest you to discover different styles of initial signs made in silver or gold in our jewelry workshop.


  1. Monogram silver ring
  2. 18k initial signet ring
  3. Silver men's ring with 18k gold monogram

Monogram silver ring

The signet presented here is in sterling silver 950, oval-shaped it takes the design debossed with the initials of the sponsor.

We will present you the various stages of the manufacture in order to transfer his ideas of the paper on the plate of the signet ring.

monogram men's silver ring

Monogram design

The initials of the pattern we are interested in are JPF written in the form of anagrams that allow to read them in an identical way regardless of the meaning of the signet ring on the finger.

Having provided us with its design drawing file, we took it back with computer tools to make it perfectly symmetrical, to obtain the following result.

monogram design for custom signet ring making

The drawing is then used to make a 3D CAD modeling of the signet that you can discover on the following views.

Very realistic, this modeling gives a good overview of the final result to the sponsor and estimate precisely the work and the amount of money needed to make the ring.

design of monogram engraved ring for men

Once the design has been validated by the sponsor, we can proceed to the actual manufacturing by producing the 3D printing of the signet ring.

wax model of monogram ring custom made

This piece of wax is then used to make a mold that allows us to get the piece in solid silver, by pouring molten silver into the mold.

We can then appreciate the final result.

monogram silver ring for men

view of the engraved monogram on top of the men's signet ring

Here are some other examples of initial signs for men in silver:

monogram engraving on round signet ring initial engraved on men's silver ring monogram engraving on thick signet ring made in sterling silver
crest silver ring with initial monogram engraved on signet ring's top top engraving of monogam on silver ring

White gold initial signet ring

White gold is very popular lately for making initial signet rings for men.

This is a fashion phenomenon certainly.

The white gold is sober and more original than the yellow gold which traditionally was used for the making of rings engraved with initials and the signs with family coat of arms.

Most of the time, jewelery stores offer few customization options for engraving initials on a ring.

In this case, we will see that it is precisely possible to vary the font of the engraving initials, but also to play on the design of the tray of the signet ring.

white gold signet ring initial engraved

18k white gold signet ring engraved with owner's initials

Initials' font

In most cases, it is not possible to choose his writing font for engraving intial on your signet board.

This restriction is due to technical considerations if the engraving is made or hand-engraved, engraved by strawberry or by some other method.

In the case of this signet ring, our client chooses two different fonts for the letters:

  • Edwardian script font for the V
  • Vladimir Script font for the G

font for initial engraving on top of the signet ring

Font of the initials that will be engraved on the signet ring's top

In our case, our process limited us to the thickness of the line of letters, sometimes reaching less than 0.1 millimeters wide.

Therefore we retouched this design to get bold letters giving us the opportunity to engrave the letters on the ring tray.

signet ring design with initial engraving

Numeric modelization of the signet ring engraved by two initials

Ring's top design

If you have browsed the web during your survey, you have certainly noticed that there are few different designs for the signet ring.

This is because historically, the signet rings were used to bear the seal of a family engraved on the plateau of the ring, which could be round, oval or square.

Can matter the form of the tray, the engraved weapons being the element of value of the signet ring.

Today, the signet ring is most of the time an ornamental jewel, so many try to personalize not only the engraving of the tray, but also the body of the ring.

That's why for this project, our client chose a form in ecu for the ring tray, form little used and differentiating this ring from the others.

drawing of signet ring with initial engraved

Ring's top view with engraved initials

Making of the gold signet ring

We used 3D printing to make a plastic master of the ring.

This master was then used to make a mold for manufacturing by the method of cast iron lost wax.

white gold signet ring engraved with initials

See the rough engraving during the making process of the ring

In the photo, we notice the color of unpolished white gold that looks rather gray, the shape of the tray and the finesse engraving.

White gold takes on a very light gray color as a result of polishing the ring.

It is then plated with rhodium to give it the very bright white aspect characteristic of white gold jewelry (read this article on gold rhodium).

18k white gold signet ring initial engraved

initial gold signet ring on finger ring

White gold initial signet ring wore on the ring finger

Here are some other examples of initial rings custom made in 18k gold in our workshop:

women's signet ring with initial engraving men's initial gold ring white gold signet ring with initial engraved
white gold initial engraved signet ring monogram gold ring white gold initial engraved skull ring

Silver men's ring with 18k gold monogram

For some large signet ring designs, it can be very expensive to make the ring entirely in 18K gold.

In this case, choosing a silver ring body with just the initial letters engraved in yellow gold can be the solution to create a cool style effect and stick to your budget.

To learn more about the cost factors of a signet ring, this article will inform you.

gold monogram on silver men's ring

Silver ring with 18k gold monogram made through our custom ring service

Ring's design

The design is divided into two elements, the ring which is manufactured on one side in silver 925 and the initials A and T nested which are manufactured separately in 18k gold.

This CAD presentation shows the draft of the ring before fabrication and the rendering given by the computer during the design phase of the project.

silver monogram ring design

Sketch of the ring's project

The ring consists of a simple ring with raised edges widening at the top to receive the gold initial.

visual rendering of silver monogram ring

Photo rendering of the project

Rendering of the finished ring

The digital model is used in the manufacturing phase to print (by 3D printing) our resin ring, which is then used to make the silver ring by the lost wax casting process.

In parallel, the letters are cut with a saw in a laminated 18-karat yellow gold plate.

Following the separate manufacture of the two parts, they are welded to one another.

men silver ring with 18k gold monogram

View of the assembly of the initials in gold on the silver ring body after polishing the ring.

monogram ring wore on ring finger

Check the gold monogram on top of the silver ring body

The last modification made at the request of our client was to brush the money to give it a dull aspect so that the initials in gold stand out better.

men silver ring with gold monogram

On this view, we notice the internal engraving of a date in addition to the punches 925 for the silver of the ring body and 18k for the gold of the initial.

In the same style, here is another example of an initial ring whose ring body is in 14 karat yellow gold and whose initials are in silver:

men gold ring with silver monogram gold ring with silver initials on top


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