Artists build jewelry designs based on their experiences and unique inspirations. Thaya Jewelry is immediately distinct because of its natural and artistic themes. Deriving inspiration from contemporary art styles, these are some of the finest silver jewelry pieces around. All hand-made by artisans in Europe, Asia, and America.

The jewelry designers and craftsmen at Thaya have attempted to capture the beauty of nature in their unique pieces. Here are some notable highlights.

Vincent Van Gogh Collection

Vincent Van Gogh was an artist par excellence. He is one of the essential links in the evolution of contemporary art. Thaya's Starry Night Series is a combination of gold plated cloisonne, midnight blue enamel and an oil-dripping design creates a miniature version of Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting. Made out of S925 sterling silver, this artistic ring reminds us to trust our dreams and see the light in even the darkest hour.

silver ring van gohg

This design takes a little bit of the genius of the artist who created it and gives it a new life. An object of curiosity and a subject of conversation, this definitely helps you stand out.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night series is inspired by one of the most famous paintings in the world. Whenever you’re struggling to keep running after that dream in your heart, this ring can remind you that the journey to fulfilling marvelous dreams have ups and downs, so keep grilling.

Van Gogh decides to focus on the representation of the sky instead of that of the artificial lights of the city. In his painting Starry Night on the Rhone, the stars are much paler than the light of the lampposts reflected in the water.

 "Van Gogh discovers the phenomenon of "light pollution": Artificial lights prevent us from seeing the stars"

Midsummer’s Night Dream Series

The Midsummer Night's Dream offers a theater score that tells us both about how to play in Shakespeare's time and the art of the stage as a whole.

Midsummer’s Night Dream Ring is made of S925 silver material. A suspended starry blue plated pearl, and on the silver outer ring, there is hand-inlaid zircon which symbolizes the Polaris – a star that realizes the wishes. The special color matching reproduces the Blue Planet and small fireflies, creating a dream of midsummer nights.

silver planet ring

Milky Way Series For Inspired By The Universe

The Milky Way Earring Series has different textures of Abalone Shellfish representing different stars, while interlaced lines represent star constellations, connecting the night stars into the Milky Way.

star milky way earrings

Stars MilkyTrail Earrings

Astrograph Necklace Inspired By The Sea

Astrograph Necklace denotes the beautiful meaning that there are several stages in everyone’s life, and each stage is a step forward. When you are helpless and confused, look into the vast sky of twinkling stars, follow your heart and walk in the road you once resolved to go. The stars in the sky are there for you, and like a compass, they are always guiding you on the walk of your life.

planet pendant

Astronomical Sphere Ball Ring For The Explorers

This is an intricate ring, which is a miniature astronomical ball, the temptation of the fingers hiding the whole universe. As the different bands are fan-shaped, the rings take on a unique quality. It can be collected as the best collectible gift for a friend or lover.

sphere ring

The texture of this astronomical ring is reminiscent of a pebble. The almost rocky texture of the Art jewelry reminds where the metal comes from. Soil, mines (Gold, Silver, Enamel, Oil, etc). Recycled silver is also used.

How To Take Care Of Your Art Jewelry

The jewelry we wear is more than just accessories, it is a part of us. However, we often forget that our jewelry can deteriorate over time. What is the best way to clean them? How can we prevent them from being damaged? It is not so easy to keep them in perfect condition. We have therefore put together some tips for the maintenance of your jewelry:

  1. Avoid chemicals and soaps
  2. Keep them out of the sun
  3. Polish, polish and polish again
  4. Pay more attention to fragile pieces


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Jenny is a jewelry designer inspired by European and contemporary jewelry designs. She is a contributor to Viva Latina and advises about ways your home could be better with modern art and jewelry. Head over to her jewelry collection at Thaya Jewels to check out what’s up!
February 14, 2020 — TRANCHANT NICOLAS

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