A gold pendant is an ideal gift.

Especially when it can be personalized according to the tastes of the person who will receive it.

There are many online shops offering pendants of classic designs customizable by engraving a name or cut a gold plate according to your drawing or design.

This is still a classic.

Now, we will introduce you to different designs of personalized gold pendants that you can think of when looking for personalizing a pendant to a friend or family member.

personnalized gold pendant

Custom gold pendant in white gold made through our online service

So that you have an idea of all the possible options when imagining the pendant of your loved ones for a future gift.

The customization options are numerous :

  • the design of course
  • the colors of gold (white gold, yellow or pink or even black gold)
  • with or without stones
  • 14k gold, 18k, 20k or even 22k gold is available for pendants making

We will show you here different examples of personalized gold pendant we have made in our workshop and also the process of creating a personalized gold pendant for one of our clients.

When personalizing, everything is possible

When your look for personalizing a pendant, you don't need to think of a complex design, because it is the detail of the design unique to the person receiving the pendant that makes all the difference.

It can be of the simplest design, designed with a meaning for the recipient and made of 22-karat gold like this chakana cross pendant.

gold cross pendant personalized children gold pendant


One common way to custom the jewel is to pick up a Name, a letter or a number and include it on the pendant you imagine to make it relevant for the person it is made for.

This gold name necklace is made from the name of the 3 children of the family while the gold children pendant is detailed with the initials of both children.

gold name necklace gold children pendant with initials


The element of personalization can be a number and the pendant is built around or initials hidden in the arabesques of this white gold pendant. 

50 gold pendant white gold pendant personalized with initials


It can also be very complex, mixing materials and being made with a complex design like this Egyptian pendant or be made of different gold colors like this bird pendant made of three gold colors.

egyptian pendant gold bird pendant personalized with diamond


Or like this solid gold lock that can be lock or unlocked with its key like a real steel lock.

18k gold lock

 Functionnal 18-karat gold lock pendant with its key

Example : custom pendant creation 

To show you better the process of making such a pendant here is the example of a custom 18-karat gold pendant with a pear-shaped ruby.

Ruby is a variety of corundum that owes its name to its red color. Evoking blood and fire by its color, it is associated with courage and has always been part of the jewels exhibited by the crowned heads of the world.

This one weight 0,65 carat ans is SI purity.

solid gold pendant made on demand

Custom 18-karat gold pendant made through our online service of custom-made jewelry

The design of this gold pendant is a creation of our customer, artist, he wanted to transpose his ideas and drawings into a jewel that would be unique.

We intervened at the level of the design to carry out slight retouches of the weak zones of the pendant, which being neither more nor less than a gold wire could be damaged or twisted in those areas.

Given the small section of the wire, and the 18-karat gold used for this pendant is relatively malleable, we made the jewel with a thickness of 1.65 mm.

details of the rough gold of the pendant

Zoom on the raw gold look of the jewel

The peculiarity of this jewel is that we had to give it a raw look as wished our client.

Contrary to what one might imagine, it is harder to guarantee a raw look that makes it smooth and polished to gold.

To do this, we had to turn to the 3D technology and the 3D printer that allowed us to make exactly the raw gold appearance that our client wanted.

3d printer used ot make personalized pendants

3D printer used for this project

Design, from paper to 3D

It is always difficult to manufacture directly from a sketch without the client having a precise idea of the result, which is why computer tools, whether it is CAD or 3D printing, are a great help.

They allow a preview of the final rendering from the beginning of the project and a control in the course of manufacture by the customer from pictures done while making the jewel.

In the case of this pendant, you can check below what gives the final rendering of CAD modeling, made from the sketch presented by our client

3d design of gold pendant

Comparative drawing and visual rendering of the model in CAD

Once the 3D modeling validated by our client, we can start to manufacture the 3D model itself, namely a wax model printed from the CAD file.

3d wax model for gold pendant making

Wax model of the pendant 3D printed

This wax is then used to make a mold in which the molten 18k gold will be cast. This process can be shown is the following video.

Video showing melted gold being poured in the mold

It took more than 15 grams of gold to cast this pendant which ultimately weighs 7.5 grams.

Here you can see the result, the raw gold pendant freed from its plaster mold.

gold pendant rough gold during casting process

Finishes on gold and ruby setting

For this pendant, finishes consisted in deburring the jewel and removing all traces of the gold supply channels used during the casting process.

The tricky part was to leave the jewel with its raw gold look.

We then set the ruby in its location by 4 claws which also have a raw gold appearance.

gold pendant make on demand

yellow gold personalized pendant

Notice the rough gold appearance

As you can see, any design can be transformed into a real piece of jewelry, no matter the complexity of your ideas.


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October 22, 2018 — Hugo Maherault

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