Pink diamonds are the rarest diamonds of all colored diamonds. It is estimated that only one diamond per 100,000 extracts can be classified as pink.

And only a handful of these can be classified as Fancy Intense or Fancy Vivid. This and the craze of collectors and celebrities for pink stone explains that pink diamond prices have soared recently to beat all records at auctions.

Pink raw diamond

Intense raw pink diamond from the Argyle Mine in Australia owned by Rio Tinto.


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pendant pink diamond pendant pink diamond

Color shades of pink diamond

The color of pink diamond can vary in intensity, greatly affecting the value of the stone. More pronounced will be the pink color and more expensive will be the stone. In the case of pink diamonds, color is the most important criterion influencing the price of it, more important in particular than the estimate of its degree of purity.

pink diamond color scale

Photo showing the color intensity scale of the pink diamond (photo source).

Of course, the pink color can also vary in nuance, varying from purple to brown and orange, so that the panel of colors taken by the pink diamonds is very large, as this view shows :

pink diamonds colors

A color with mysterious origins

This will surprise you, but scientists are not yet sure to fully understand the origin of the pink diamond color. If blue diamond obtains its color because of Bore atoms present in its atomic structure, the pink diamond seems to get its color from the constraints imposed on its atomic structure during the formation of the crystal.

It's the extreme conditions of temperature and pressure of its environment that induce plastic deformations to the carbon crystal, generating the absorption of certain wavelengths, and thus influencing the color of the light transmitted by the diamond.

The conditions required for its formation are so rare, that the diamond mines allowing the discovery of pink diamonds are extremely rare. In fact, 90% of the world's pink diamond production comes from the Argyle mine in Australia.

Mine pink diamonds Australia

Australian Argyle mine producing 90% of the world's pink diamonds

Characteristic of pink diamond, its hardness

Due to its particular formation mechanism, pink diamond is harder to work than conventional white diamonds. So it takes 3-4 times longer to polish them than other diamonds.

pink diamond polishing

Pink diamond mounted on his tools for polishing

Pink diamond price breaks all records

Whether auctioned by Christie's or Sotheby's, pink diamonds are beating auction records almost every time:

  • In 2009, the 5-carat Vivid Pink was auctioned for 10.7 million dollars
  • In 2010, Graff Pink, a pink diamond of 24.78 carats was auctioned for 46 million dollars
  • In October 2014, a 8.41 carat Fancy Vivid rose diamond was sold for 17.78 million dollars, or more than 2.1 million dollars per carat

Being by nature very rare and fashionable among stars, pink diamond has recently become an investment for some investors, pulling up the price of the gemstone.

While it's very difficult to give a general price of the natural pink diamond carat, we can nevertheless see that it exceeds 15,000 dollars per carat according to the pink color intensity and the diamond purity, as shown by the following card :

comparative pink diamonds

Treated pink diamonds

Given their rarity and the popularity of the public for these stones, there are artificial ways to improve the pink diamonds color to make them more intense.

These treatments are specified on the expert report of the diamond and to buy diamonds much cheaper than their natural equivalent untreated.

Famous pink diamonds

The Historic pink diamond is a Fancy Vivid Pink of 8.72 carats that belonged to the niece of Napoleon Premier, Princess Mathilde. It's assumed that the stone comes from the Golconde mine in India.

the historic pink diamond

The Graff Pink is a Fancy Intense Pink VVS2 of 24.78 carats appeared in the 50s and of which little is known about the origins of the stone.

Graff pink diamond

The Diamond Princier is a 34.65-carat Fancy Intense Pink VS2 from the Golconda mine in India, one of the largest and most beautiful pink diamonds in the world.

pink diamond princier


Free Bonus : Download our complete guide on Diamond (fr).

You'll discover all you need to know to buy diamonds jewelry online or in store.

Here is a ring design with pink diamond from our collection :

ring pink diamond white gold 18k ring pink diamond white gold 18k


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