Egypt has had a millennia-old culture prior to European civilizations and has been a great source of inspiration in terms of myths and symbols.

Like many Egyptian symbols used for jewelry making, I think of the cross of life in particular, the Egyptian pyramid serves as inspiration for this project of men's ring.

The massive ring body is 925 silver while the pyramid is 18-karat yellow gold.

The use of both metals is justified here by the weight of the ring body, the silver is needed so as not to explode the project budget. In addition, the contrast of colors between silver and gold offers an interesting development for the pyramid that would otherwise be embedded in the design of the ring.

Pyramid ring

View of the pyramid ring showing the sterling silver body and the 18-karat yellow gold pyramid, manufactured via our online creation service

Ring design

The project consisted in reproducing a 4-sided pyramid in 18-karat yellow gold set on a 925 silver ring body.

We had to make a digital model to evaluate the weight of gold for this project and validate the dimensions requested by our client with his finger size.

Digital model pyramid ring

Views of the model and virtual photos of the pyramid ring project

Once the design and the quote validated, we can go to the making of the ring. Note that despite the use of silver to save on the gold weight of the ring, the weight of the pyramid is still 7 grams in 18-karat yellow gold.


The sterling silver ring body is conventionally manufactured at the bench pin (ie manually from a rolled silver plate).

The base of the pyramid is 22 millimeters of sides for a height of 10 mm. The 18-karat gold weight is around 7 grams.

The silver ring body offers nothing exceptional, we'll focus here on the making of the pyramid gold.

Making the pyramid in gold laminate

The headdress of the gold ring tray is the part that required the most work in order to respect the adjustments of the 4 pieces so as to obtain beautiful edges.

The manufacture of the pyramid begins with the rolling of a gold plate about 1 millimeter thick which is then cut to obtain the 4 sides of the pyramid.

Pyramid ring faces

Faces of the pyramid just cut

The edges of these triangles are then adjusted to the file to give them the right angle, allowing us to assemble them by welding while maintaining the good geometry of the pyramid.

Pyramid ring faces

Faces of the pyramid being assembled, it's necessary to file the edges in order to be able to adjust them with the right angle

Pyramid ring

Pyramid ring

Pyramid assembled before polishing, we see the raw appearance of the unpolished gold and the fineness of the edges of the pyramid, proof of the good fit of the different pieces between them


The pyramid is then welded in place on the ring body, then the latter is fully polished.

Pyramid ring gold and silver

Pyramid ring gold and silver

Pyramid ring gold and silver

Pyramid ring gold and silver in its case

The ring in its case rising the 4 glittering faces of the golden pyramid

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October 09, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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