The bracelet, a timeless jewel worn by men and women for millennia, remains timeless.

Whether metal, synthetic or organic material, there are for all styles.

Discover here the steps of making a custom rice grain chain bracelet in sterling silver.

This type of chain maille weave perfectly dresses the neck or wrist, whether in gold or silver, its links of cylindrical grains waving and thus reflecting the light on each of them.

Rice grain bracelet

Silver bracelet 19 cm long and 3 cm wide formed by 7 rows of articulated grains of rice, for a total of 102 links ending in a ratchet clasp, entirely made by hand.

This bracelet type cuff although not rigid is massive and therefore obtains a weight greater than 130 g

However, it can be done in hollow to lighten the weight.

The production begins with the preparation of a round silver wire with a diameter of 4 mm.

silver wire

This same thread will then be cut into a multitude of pieces of 12 mm in length which will be rounded to the file at each end one by one.

silver wire

The rice grain links have taken shape and are ready to be pierced.

rice grains links

Links are then placed on plastiline to have a general view and to mark the location where they will be drilled for assembly.

rice grain links

Piercing the links, which is done twice on each of them, is a precise, long, and repetitive work.

Links will then be staggered together with silver threads that are thick enough to ensure a secure fit.

rice grain chain

rice grain chain

View of the jewel once each of the links assembled and welded

The bracelet will subsequently be blocked in a wax, type sealing wax, itself melted on a wooden support.

rice grain chain

Once fixed, each link will be filed on one side, reducing the weight of the jewel and will also be less thick wrist.

rice grain chain

A ratchet clasp will finish the jewel before polishing which will give it its brilliant luster.

 rice grain chain

Inside of the bracelet 

 rice grain chain

Outside of the bracelet 

rice grain chain

Rice grain chain bracelet

View of the clasp almost invisible 


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September 17, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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