The royal chain is also called Byzantine chain or Peruvian chain.

Complex appearance, it consists of simple rings interlocking into each other giving a large volume necklace or bracelet thus formed.

The royal chain maille makes it possible to create long and voluminous necklaces in silver or gold for a relatively low weight, so it is an interesting chain option for the manufacture of a gold necklace with a limited gold weight.

royal chain necklace

View of the royal silver necklace extended and around a bust giving an idea of the rendering of the necklace once worn around the neck.

royal chain necklace worn

This necklace is 50 centimeters long and weighs 37 grams

The manufacture

The manufacture of this type of chain is accessible to DIY lovers since it consists in assembling round links according to a model.

The tutorials abound to make these particular brass link or aluminum, the rings are then closed by the natural rigidity of the metal and are not welded.

royal chain tutorial

Royal chain tutorial (source)

Obviously in our case the manufacture differs since it is necessary to adapt the weight of silver (or gold as the case) to the budget and length desired by the customer.

We need to determine the diameter of the thread, the size of the rings and the weight of the jewel.

From scratch, our work begins with the rolling of a sterling silver bar into a wire which is then wrapped around a mandrel.

royal chain making

The spiral obtained is then sawn to obtain our links according to the diagram shown above.

These are then assembled manually, one by one.

royal chain

This video shows you the links assembly process :

Once our links are assembled, here is the aspect of our chain being manufactured.

royal chain necklace

Once assembled, our links are then welded.

welding links

Final rendering

The chain is then finalized and we have to mount the clasp with carabiner and polish the collar to finish it.

The result is visible here :

royal chain necklace

royal chain necklace

View of our necklace on a bust

Example of a royal chain bracelet from our bracelets collection :

Royal chain necklace 

For further :

September 19, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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