The scarab is an insect particularly known for being an Egyptian sacred animal.

A carved representation of a scarab was often worn in the form of jewelry or amulet by the Egyptians, it was the symbol of resurrection.

scarab amulet

Example of carved amulet shaped scarab (source)

In this case, our client wanted a bracelet with a scarab carved in sterling silver.

It is a semi-rigid bangle type bracelet where the scarab occupies the upper part while acting as a clasp.

scarab bracelet

Scarab bracelet in silver made via our custom creation service

Scarab is always a source of inspiration for the realization of modern jewelry, as shown by this Egyptian cross of precious wood with a royal cobra silver snake and scarab carved stone lapis lazuli.

lapis lazuli scarab Egyptian pendant

Scarab design 

You can see below the drawing that served us as a model.

scarab design

Drawing of the scarab for the silver bracelet

Wax sculpture

So we based ourselves on this design to carve our scarab in a block of wax at first.

wax making


wax scarab

wax scarab

Different stages of wax scarab carving

Silver manufacture

Once the scarab model is made of wax, we can go to silver making by creating a mold in which the molten silver will be poured.

This lost wax casting technique is the most classic and has existed for thousands of years.

You can see it summarized in less than two minutes with this video.

scarab bracelet

scarab bracelet

Different views of our scarabs after melting

After obtaining the carapace silver scarabs, we can pass to the burrs of them, then the welding of a lower plate and rings at the ends.

scarab bracelet

Scarab bracelet during manufacture

Then we make the ring of our bangle, in a silver wire that is shaped with the file, to give it a half round shape.

scarab bracelet

scarab bracelet shaping

Bangle shaped half round

As you can see, the bracelet is flat on the inside and round on the outside, with a width of 9 millimeters at its base and 3 millimeters at the top.

This design provides a certain rigidity to the bracelet while allowing to open it to put it on the wrist.

It is important, of course, to have measured your wrist first to size the bracelet.

Once the scarab is assembled on the rod, we obtain after final polishing our sparkling jewel.

scarab bracelet

scarab bracelet

View on the clasp of the scarab shaped bracelet

scarab bracelet

Views of our silver scarab bracelets

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September 19, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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