Onyx stone is a fine stone that is neither rare nor precious, yet onyx is the most popular stone for making signet rings for men.

Much more than signet rings with amethyst stone or turquoise.

As you certainly know, signet rings are the type of men's favorite ring.

From a massive historical heritage, they give volume allowing all forms of customization possible.

We present here various achievements of men's signet rings adorned with a natural onyx stone.

Rings with faceted black onyx

Onyx stone lends itself to both facet and cabochon sizes. A faceted waist nevertheless gives it more elegance and is the best choice if you want to mount an onyx stone on a beautiful jewel.

Gold rings

All the classic colors of gold, namely yellow, white and pink gold, blend perfectly with the black of onyx stone.

It will be up to you to determine which color of gold your preference is and which shape you wish to give to your stone.

Oval shaped onyx stone

gold signet ring with onyx

Gold signet ring from our collection

It has a large faceted oval onyx set with a large 18-karat gold ring.

The black of the onyx stone contrasts particularly well with the polished gold seducing the eye.

The ring body decorated with lily flowers and diamonds gives a royal style to this signet ring.

The detail of its manufacture in our workshop is visible here (fr).

Gold signet ring with onyx

Onyx signet ring worn on the finger

Rectangular onyx

Gold signet ring with fleur de lys and onyx stone

Onyx rectangular set closed on a ring body in 18-karat yellow gold

Here moldings in polished gold on a background of raw gold make the decor and contrast around the onyx.

This design is also from our collection of signet rings.

Other signet ring design with rectangular onyx from our collection.

The tray is sober, presenting only the stone while the amounts are decorated with moldings of lion's head and floral moldings.

lion signet ring with onyx lion signet ring with onyx


Onyx cabochon

freemason ring with onyx

Gold signet ring for men with cabochon cut-to-size onyx

The stone has an unconventional shape specifically adapted to the upper shape of the ring body.

The details of the making of this ring are presented through this article.

Freemason ring with onyx

Rendering of the signet ring worn on the finger

You can quickly discover via this video how the onyx stone of this signet ring was cut from a block of raw onyx to fit perfectly on the plateau of it.

Faceted round onyx

The onyx stone also gives a very good rendering when cut conventionally, round shape with glossy facets as shown in this model of signet ring from our collection.

Gold signet ring with onyx

Gold signet ring with onyx Gold signet ring with onyx


Silver rings

Of course, silver goes very well with onyx, remember that it is the whitest of all precious metals.

Here are two different designs, one with a natural facet cut onyx stone while the other shows a cabochon onyx stone carved from a Christian cross.

signet ring with onyx signet ring with onyx
signet ring with onyx signet ring with onyx

Signet ring with flat onyx stone

Onyx stone is also widely used for sleek ring designs where the stone is flat and the shape matches that of the ring top as shown in the following examples of rings from our collection (fr).

signet ring with onyx signet ring with onyx
signet ring with onyx signet ring with onyx

Onyx stone cut unconventionally

In this case, the stone is the originality of the ring.

Like the signet ring with cabochon onyx stone, the stone is here tailored to fit the ring tray.

The stone is all the attractiveness of this ring design, with a hexagonal shape and its angular appearance.

signet ring with onyx signet ring with onyx


Note that if we wanted to make an entirely black metal signet ring to accompany black onyx stone, we could do it for silver and for gold :

  • For a black silver ring simply oxidize the silver
  • For a gold ring just rhodium the ring to black gold.
    Silver skull signet ring Black gold wolf signet ring


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    October 06, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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