The cross is a symbol both religious and secular.

Symbol for the Catholic Church, it's also used by the Knights Templar, Maltese, Celts and regions such as Occitania or Lorraine with the cross Occitan and the Cross of Lorraine.

In the case of this project, it's a signet ring for men (fr) of the American type with an Occitan cross at the top and side decorations inlaid with the initials of the recipient.

Silver cross signet ring for men

Silver cross signet ring made via our online ring custom service 

Note that this kind of custom signet ring project can be fashioned with the shape and design of your choice as shown by these different examples of crosses with crosses below.

Christian gold ring for men Cross engraved ring with onyx Silver cross signet ring for men


The price of your signet ring will depend of course :

  • metal (gold or silver) that you choose
  • the complexity of design
  • working time needed to make it

Contact us to easily obtain a quote for your project.

Making the ring design 

The project begins with 3D modeling in the form of a digital model of the design desired by the sponsor.

Design signet ring with cross

Digital model of our ring project with cross

This step allows us to play on all the details of the personalized engraving and to present the rendering in a realistic way to our sponsor even before the launch in manufacturing, thus avoiding any error of communication on its expectations.

Manufacture of the silver ring

The transition from the digital mock-up to the silver ring is done using the modern tools of the jewelry workshop, namely the 3D printing and the millenary process of casting with lost wax.

Creation of the wax master

Once the design of the digital mock-up has been validated, the master of the ring can be made by 3D printing, this process allowing us to faithfully reproduce the design of the digital model.

Ring wax model

Resin cross ring printed by the 3D printing process

Resin cross ring printed by the 3D printing process

The previous view shows us the amount of ring with the moldings and including an initial letter, element of personalization desired by our client.

The lost wax casting process

The ring is made by the lost wax casting process, from the wax model printed in 3D beforehand.

A refractory plaster mold is prepared with our wax model. Then once dry, it is heated to destroy the wax model that leaves an empty space in the mold.

This empty space takes exactly the form and details of our cross ring project.

The molten silver is then poured into the mold, the metal thus filling the cavity and taking the form of our signet ring.

Our wax mold allows us to obtain the casting rod visible below.

casting carrot ring

Carrot casting with its cross ring next

Silver ring with cross

Close-up showing the signet ring

This video presents you quickly the steps of realization of such a mold and the casting of molten metal in the latter :


We can then go to the finishing, detailing and polishing of the ring to obtain this result.

Silver cross signet ring

Side view showing the side moldings and the initials of the ring

Silver cross signet ring worn on finger

Photo showing the cross signet ring worn on the finger

If you are wondering which finger to wear your signet ring, then this article will help you.

Silver cross signet ring in its case

The ring in its case revealing the cross and the side moldings

Others examples of cross jewelry 

Here are other examples of jewelry creations from our jewelry workshop with a similar ring design or with the concept of the cross to decorate the ring :

Cross pendant with turquoise Gold cross signet ring Gold cross pendant
White gold cross pendant with diamonds Gold cross of life pendant white gold cross pendant
Egyptian pendant cross of life Yellow gold loraine cross pendant
October 07, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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