Animals are an infinite source for the creation of jewelry including pendants or necklaces, the latter leaving more space for the representation of animals.

Moreover, I invite you to discover here our many achievements of animal jewelry to give you an idea of ​​all that it is possible to do in jewelry on this theme.

In the case of this jewel, it is a silver elephant pendant.

silver elephant pendant

View of the two silver elephant pendant made via our online creation service


Carried in a necklace, this pendant represents two elephants in silver 925 holding each other by the trunk. We took care of the realization of the pendant, according to the sketch provided by our client.

It is made of sterling silver, after the elephant pattern was wax scrawled, then cast in a refractory plaster mold with molten silver.

Since this is a custom made pendant, here is the original model provided, provided by our client, representing two elephants side by side :

image silver elephant pendant

Drawing of elephants to be carved to make the silver pendant.

From the image to the sculpture

The first step in the manufacture process is to transcribe the paper sketch in 3D. For this it is necessary to sculp the model in wax, this one must respect at best the proportions of the original drawing.

Here are pictures of elephants to better see what was the interlacing of the horns to represent on the pendant.


Couple of wild elephants holding their trunk

We must also take into account the 10% reduction between the wax model and the final sterling silver pendant.

wax manufacture pendant

View of the carved wax according to the drawing of the elephant pendant

wax manufacture pendant

Side view of the sculpture of the jewel elephant, the reflections of the wax attenuates the contrasts of the reliefs of the future jewel.

wax manufacture pendant

Bottom view of the pendant, hollowed so that the final jewel is not too heavy

From wax to silver pendant

Once the wax model was approved by the customer, we were able to proceed with its transformation to obtain the elephant jewel in sterling silver.

A refractory plaster mold is cast on the wax scribe to scour the wax by heating the mold.

The molten silver is then poured into the mold. It is then necessary to break the mold, and to rework the jewel to obtain the final result which is :

silver elephant pendant

View of the sterling silver elephant pendant once finalized.

With time and the natural oxidation of silver, it will be enough to clean the jewel with a wipe to accentuate the contrasts of the reliefs of the silver sculture. This will bring out the details of the ears and the separation of elephant bodies.

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September 03, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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