The realization of this horse pendant is a custom creation for the account of a customer from a photo taken during a racehorse of a horse in full gallop.

The completion of this pendant faced several challenges:

  • the restitution of the details of the photo as well for the horse as the jockey
  • give the impression of movement of gallop visible in the photo
  • a size of 25 mm in length for the horse.
  • A complete 3D sculpture of the horse

This work was done by carving the horse and its rider in a piece of wax before casting it in silver in a suitable mold.

silver horse pendant handcrafted

Notre pendentif d'un cheval au galop sculpté en argent massif, issus de notre service de création en ligne

The sculpture of the horse in wax

Our work begins with the carving of a piece of jeweler's wax from the photo given for reference, visible here.

real horse used to carve the pendant

The horse used as a model for carving

We begin by drawing the contours of the horse and jockey on a piece of thick wax, then cut it, this piece is then refined on the outline.

carving a horse in wax

more detailed horse in wax

almost finished carving

At this point, the sculpture of the horse and the jockey is finished, faithfully reproducing the details visible in the photo we serve as a model.

We can distinguish the hooves, the tail and the ears of the horse, as well as its equipment (bridle and reins and blinkers) and finally the number on the saddle of the jockey and his helmet.

On this last picture we can see the dynamic rendering of the sculpture giving us the impression that our horse is actually galloping.

carved horse pendant

Wax sculpture of a galloping horse with his jockey

The silver manufacture of the pendant

Our finalized sculpture is then used to make a mold in which molten silver is poured.

This process of casting with lost wax allows us to obtain our silver pendant, visible here in the rough state before finishing.

silver horse jewel in rough silver

 Handcrafted horse pendant during the making process

We must then deburr and retouch our silver piece and solder the bail support allowing the passage of the chain of our pendant.

welding the bail on the pendant

Galloping silver horse pendant

Following this, we can polish the jewel, while reworking the texture of the metal to give it a non-smooth rendering giving the appearance of the fur of the horse.

galloping silver horse pendant

With the finishes and the contrasting details (blackening hollows and polishing reliefs) we can appreciate the final result and the detailed rendering of the silver sculpture compared to the picture presented at the beginning of the article.

finishing horse pendant in the jewelry workshop

You can see here all the details of the horse and his jockey here.


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October 23, 2018 — Hugo Maherault

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