The lion is an emblematic animal, which has served as a symbol for many peoples.

Both Sumerians, Jews and Christian Kings used the lion to symbolize power, wisdom and strength.

Of course, the figure of the lion, represented in full or just by his head is found on the jewels, rings and signet rings of the nobles and leaders of these people.

 ancient gold lion ring

Gold ring with a lion engraved in a cartouche

We suggest you follow the manufacture of a lion's head ring in sterling silver particularly faithful to the point of seeming to roar.

Lion head ring

Silver lion ring, this ring is available for purchase online via this link (fr)

Lion sculpture in CAD

For our project, we started from a virtual sculpture of a roaring lion's head, with all the details of a real lion.

You'll notice the fangs, eyes, ears and lion's mane that are very realistic.

CAD head lion

Our virtual sculpture of the roaring lion

3D printing allows us to faithfully reproduce this CAD modeling in a physical sculpture that will then allow us to cast it in silver or gold, the color of our choice.Fabrication en argent

Silver manufacture

silver head lion ring

Raw foundry of our lion ring in sterling silver

Given the volume of the ring, because of the lion's mane, this model requires a lot of time for finishing and polishing details.

It is necessary to deburr the foundry stock, eliminate the stems that support the fangs during 3D printing and polish the contours of the mane.

silver head lion ring

After a first cleaning, we find the brilliance of the silver but its brilliance makes lose the contrast of the engraving of the snout, the folding of the chops and nose.

Then follows the operation of oxidation of silver, which with polishing will allow us to bring out all the details of the sculpture of the lion's head.

head lion ring

Ring showing a roaring lion

Head Lion ring worn on finger

Ring worn on finger, roaring lion detail

Given its size, the weight of this ring is only 14 grams, making it easy for both men and women to wear.


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September 03, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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