Who says marriage, says unique jewelry (fr) and it is certainly not a jeweler (fr) who will contradict you.

This project of a snake arm bracelet was custom made on the occasion of the wedding of one of our clients.

As you know, the snake is a centuries-old source of inspiration for jewelry and many ancient Greeks and Egyptians were inspired to make princely snake jewelry.

Silver snake arm bracelet

This is a large jewel project in sterling silver hand forged, very different from the silver bracelets of our catalog (fr) and much more difficult than the other custom bracelets projects (fr) that we are used to achieve.

Custom bracelet with blue turquoise custom silver bracelet snake silver bracelet for women
silver viking bracelet custom bracelet Silver custom bracelet

Your project, your measurements : your jewel

For her wedding, our client wanted the reproduction of a Hellenic arm bracelet displayed in a museum in Germany, it is a princely arm bracelet dating from before Christ, 300 years before our era.

The original piece is a true work of art in pure gold adorned with a garnet stone. She wanted her sterling silver bracelet (fr), made at the waist of her arm and adorned with an amethyst stone.

Gold snake arm bracelet for women

Pictures of the jewel to reproduce to measure in silver

The project begins with our client explaining precisely what she wants in terms of materials, dimensions for her jewel as well as finishing for the shine of the metal and the rendering of the skin effect of the snake represented on the bracelet.

The photos provided help us to understand the difficulty of realization.

Our job as jewelers is to study the feasibility of such a piece and combine it with the expectations of the person. At this stage of the project, the weight of the estimated jewel is 190 grams, we also evaluate the working time and we present the quote.

Once accepted, the work can begin. In this case, it was three weeks that were evaluated necessary for the realization of the jewel.


Since we manufacture in a totally handcrafted way, we can adapt to any desired design and size.

In the case of this jewel, we started from a hot forged silver ingot to lengthen it and then make it take the shape of the snake.

The operation is then repeated to create another massive silver wire which will be the second snake entwined with the first.

 gorging arm bracelet

Views of the hammering steps to lengthen the silver ingot to the desired length

Once the wire has the right diameter and the right length, one gives by hammering still, a form flattened to the wire. Then always heating it, it is bent to take the form of the snake.

This work is delicate, we must take all necessary measures to heat the silver without melting it to make it malleable enough to twist it.

Shaping arm bracelet

Photos showing the step of shaping the snake jewel

Little by little, the jewel takes shape and approaches the model. We must then work to reproduce the desired dimensions. We can then move to the establishment of the amethyst stone to the desired dimensions.

By stoning, the stone is cut, the estimated shape is roughly given with a diamond circular saw, then repeated polishing with different grains of paper and abrasive stones make it possible to shape the stone and to polish it.

Amethyst stone

View of stoning steps of an amethyst stone

After stoning, the stone can be crimped on its support. It is then welded in place on the arm bracelet.

Amethyst stone

Amethyst stone

arm bracelet amethyst

Setting up the amethyst stone set on the arm bracelet


The jewel is then polished and polished then we begin to realize the work of the surface state of the silver, so that the final rendering of the jewel is consistent. It only remains then to appreciate the final result.

Silver arm bracelet

Front view of the arm bracelet to desired dimensions

Silver arm bracelet

Side view of the jewel revealing the arabesques of the snake and the finish given to the metal

Silver arm bracelet with amethyst stone

Discover on this video all the steps of the manufacture of the custom made bracelet :


Recently, I discovered that the original gold piece exhibited at the Pforzheim Museum in Germany was sold a small fortune at auction. Estimated at more than $ 25,000, it sold for $ 54,000 as you can see here.

If you want to continue your search for antique jewelry, I invite you to visit this online store dedicated to this theme.

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September 04, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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