The torque is a necklace of Celtic origin that was later used by the Gauls.

By extension, a torque bracelet designates a bracelet with a design identical to that of a torque necklace.

This is a large bangle made of a thick metal wire (smooth or braided) ending with balls at its ends.

Torques used by the Celts or Gauls were made of iron, copper or gold but rarely made of silver.

In this case, we present you step by step the creation of a custom-made torque bracelet Celts in sterling silver.

This bracelet was manufactured via our online custom creation service.

Silver torque bangle

View of the engraving on the torque bracelet in sterling silver for men weighing about 110 grams

Our client, a lover of this type of jewel and already owning one, wanted a custom-made and engraved silver torque bangle.

He provided us with the details of his project and engravings to reproduce.

torque bangle

Torque bracelet of our client serving as an illustration to the project for dimensions

design torque

Details of engravings to reproduce on the torque

Formatting the silver bracelet

Our work begins with the making of silver tubes that will be used to make the structure of the bracelet.

Given its size, 9 millimeters in diameter at the widest, we realize the tube bracelet so that it is not too heavy to wear.

silver plate

Silver laminated plate

The work begins with the rolling of silver plate to make tubes according to the process shown in the image below.

silver plate

Torch and hammer are used to facilitate the shaping of our silver plate into a tube by stamping

soldering silver plate

silver plate

Once the tubes manufactured, it is necessary bent and then adjusted to each other to assemble them by welding.

silver welding

In this way we get our bracelet with its very particular shape.

torque bangle

In the same way are made balls ends, by stamping two half-shells which are then welded and then adjusted on the bracelet.

torque bangle

The half-spheres stamped with the strikes before their assembly

torque bangle

Silver balls, hollowed out, before being put in place at the ends of the torque

The ends are then welded in place.

torque bangle

The bracelet is then raw solder and is not very beautiful, it must be said.

We therefore resume the work by careful polishing.

torque bangle

The finalized torque but without the engravings

Bracelet engraving

This engraving operation is quite complex because it is done freehand on a curved surface.

In addition the engravings are numerous and make the soul of this bracelet, so do not be wrong.

The reproduction of Celtic knots was by far the most complicated engraving to reproduce.

The pattern of engravings is first drawn to the metal.

torque bangle

The drawing is then taken up in step-by-step engraving.

torque bangle

Engraving in progress

Once the engraving step is finalized, we can then polish the torque and blacken the intaglio engraving so that it comes out well, as shown in these photos.

torque bangle

torque bangle

torque bangle

torque bangle

Wrist bracelet worn on the wrist, so we realize the size of the bracelet and the rendering of blackened engraving

If you are interested in such a project, do not hesitate to contact us via our online quote form.

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September 19, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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