The arm bracelet is a jewel rarely used by men today.

Out, it was widely used in antiquity as a male jewel worn on the upper arm to emphasize the virility and status of the nobles.

The bracelet presented here is a silver bracelet very wide, since it is 50 millimeters in height. This is a Celtic bracelet with classical motifs of the Celtic world engraved in hollow.

Entirely in sterling silver, it weighs almost 200 grams.

The silver plate that composes it is 2 millimeters thick, and the bracelet is 25 centimeters long, with an opening of 70 millimeters for the passage of the arm.

It is the rigidity of the silver which makes it possible to ensure a sufficient tightening for the maintenance of the bracelet in the upper arm.

upper arm silver bracelet

Silver arm bracelet made to measure via our online creation service

Celtic design

This project is a custom made for one of our customers, we started from a design imagined by him and sketch provided by our client schematizing the reasons to engrave on the bracelet.

Celtic design

Celtic patterns of the men's arm bracelet

We used this sketch to plan the manufacture of the bracelet, evaluate the amount of silver needed for its manufacture and also to present a visualization of the final result to our client before even starting work.

upper arm silver bracelet

3D CAD design of our future silver arm bracelet

Once the project was computer modeled, it was validated by the sponsor before we could proceed to the actual manufacture phase.

Manufacture of the arm bracelet 

This is done in a traditional way, by rolling two silver ingots into plates that will be cut and welded to obtain the final result.

Once the plates have been prepared, the patterns to be engraved on a scale of 1: 1 are cut from a sheet of paper.

We transfer the design to the silver plate by manually sawing the design in the silver plate.

Cutting the plates of the bracelet

silver plate of the bracelet

Master paper used to saw the Celtic pattern on our bracelet

Two plates are thus obtained, one solid being the plate that will support the silver-plated plate in which the Celtic patterns are cut.

The thus cut silver plate is then prepared to be welded onto the base silver plate using weld pailletons, pailletons visible in the following photo.

silver plate of bracelet

Silver plate with the design of our arm bracelet

Welding of two silver plates

Once our plate with the cut-out design welded with our base plate, and all straightened, we get a very similar plate with our final goal.

silver plate bracelet

Bracelet before being folded to go around

At this point, we bend the bracelet around a steel master representing the arm circumference on which the jewel will eventually be worn.

Then we can go to finishes.

Finishes : polishing and oxidation

In the present case, these consist in polishing the entire surface of the bracelet, soften the angles so that they don't hurt when placing it around the arm and oxidize the engraving intaglio.

upper arm silver bracelet

View of the oxidized silver bracelet on all its surface

Careful polishing is then used to bring out the gloss of the flat surfaces in relief.

upper arm silver bracelet

Side view showing the oxidized intaglio engraving of the arm bracelet

upper arm silver bracelet

Top view of the opening of the bracelet for the passage of the arm

upper arm silver bracelet

Detail view of the engraved and oxidized Celtic pattern on our silver arm bracelet

Other examples of similar bracelets

Arm bracelets are unisex jewelry whose style varies greatly depending on whether it is for a man or a woman.

Silver Poseidon trident arm bracelet

Here is another example of a very similar man's wristband featuring motifs from the God of the Oceans : Poseidon recognizable by his trident.

upper arm silver bracelet

Snake arm bracelet

Arm bracelet representing two serpents intertwined and whose details of manufacture is presented through this article.

silver snake arm bracelet


Smooth arm bracelet 

Smooth silver women's arm bracelet from our jewelry collection.

silver arm bracelet for women


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September 19, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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