Who would have said that women loved jewels representing skulls ?

Contrary to popular belief, we made this wedding ring in 18-karat pink gold for a woman on the occasion of her marriage.

Skull jewelry has indeed become democratized and is now worn by both women and men.

Repeating the design of the silver skull ring which is detailed in this article (fr), this ring is thinner and in 18-karat pink gold.

Skull pink gold ring for women

Zoom on the skull of the pink gold ring, manufactured via our custom service

The pink gold color and the small size of the ring contribute to give a pronounced feminine side to this ring representing a skull whose orbits are set with two stones of zirconium oxides.

Below, other examples of gold skull rings made in our jewelry workshop with zirconium oxides, rubies or diamonds. 

skull gold ring duo skull gold ring duo for women


  1. Design
  2. Manufacture
  3. Other achievements of gold rings with skull


The ring presents the names of the husband and the wife engraved in reliefs in the lateral cartridges on each side of the skull.

The purpose is to ensure that both cartridges have the same dimensions, which is not always feasible when the names of the spouses aren't at all the same length.

The skull is a raised molding on the ring of the ring where the teeth, the nasal fossa and the eye orbits are detailed.

We notice the fidelity of the skull despite its small size.

Skull gold ring digital model

View of the digital modeling of the ring project before manufacture

The inside of the ring is hollowed out to limit the weight of gold of this ring which will weigh 6.5 grams in 18-karat gold.

The ring and its reliefs are entirely mirror polished while the hollows remain rough foundry and blackened to offer a better contrast of relief engravings.

Skull gold ring for women

The blackening of the gold makes it possible to better highlight the relief engraving

Each name is accompanied by a small symbol, a heart for the first name of the woman and a peak for that of the man.


The manufacturing begins with the creation of a 3D CAD sculpture of our ring project.

This allows us to make adjustments and to verify that our design corresponds to the needs of our client.

wax model ring

Master in resin of the gold ring before manufacture

Then the 3D printing of this model allows us to obtain a physical part used to make a plaster mold, mold in which is cast the gold of our ring.

Manufacturing continues with the deburring and cleaning of the ring as well as the crimping of zircons in the orbits of the skull.

Skull gold ring for women

Detail view of the skull of our ring

Work continues with the blackening of the engraving background of the ring, to bring out all the details of the side cartridges.

Skull gold ring for women

The zircons of the orbits are set with 4 claws

Skull gold ring for women

View of the side engraving of the man's first name

3 views of the skull gold ring

Other similar achievements in gold

Here is an overview of other achievements of gold skull rings made in our jewelry workshop.

Skull white gold ring Skull silver signet ring


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October 02, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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