Skull jewelry is on the rise.

This morbid symbol is slowly passed in the nineteenth century taboo in fashion clothing, being tattooed on the skin and is now declined in all forms jewelry.

skull signet ring

Biker ring featuring the Jolly Roger, see the details of its manufacture here, this ring was made through our online custom jewelry service.

As you will see, we have had the opportunity to make a large number of silver jewelry and rings, most of the time, for our customers via our online jewelry creation service.



The symbolism of the skull is found in ancient times in many ancient civilizations, whether among the Celts, Maya or India ...

Mystical symbol of death and divinities at first, it becomes a military symbol towards the XII ° century in Europe during the crusades in particular, then it is taken again by the pirates during the following centuries.

skull flag

The famous Jolly Roger representing a skull and two crossed shins was supposed to inspire fear and scare the occupants of boats soon attacked by pirates.

We find the symbol of the skull as emblem of some military units during the Second World War.

But it is when the American bikers take this emblem as the Hell's Angels on their motorcycle jackets that the skull really passes in the civil culture and leaves the religious / military domain.

Hells angels

Like pirates, bikers claim their freedom, their nonconformity and their violence if necessary.

In the 50s, when rock emerges, it will take little time for this symbol to slip into the sphere of rock and especially hard-rock where it is widely resumed and re-appropriate.

He will then quickly switch to the world of fashion clothing, source of inspiration for tattoos and jewelry making.

In the course of such a rich history, there have been many variations and therefore sources of inspiration to create from original photos, drawings and jewelry.

With modern CAD and 3D printing tools, anyone can now craft their own skull-shaped jewelery design and then see it made.

We will show you some examples of this type of jewelry that we had the opportunity to create for our customers, via our online creation service.

Gold skull rings

These are two models of the same ring design, they are the wedding rings of a couple (fr), proof that far from the image of death, this design can also be interpreted as a strong symbol of life.

Skull rings

Ring made in silver and 18-karat pink gold

Apart from the skull and crossbones, we can observe the detail of the engraving on two levels and the delicacy of the details.

You'll find here the details of the manufacture of the ring skull for woman in 18-karat pink gold (fr).

As is often the case with skull jewelry designs, there are a lot of details and it's a real 3D sculpture, not just a simple surface engraving.

Note the heart and ace of peak left and right of the names, as well as the stones set in the orbits of the eyes to personalize his style with diamonds, sapphires, rubies or oxides of zirconium.

skull ring skull signet ring
skull engagement rings skull duo rings

 Skull signet ring

Skull ring for men  

The rings for men offer by their size much more volume to make a more detailed skull design as this ring shows.

Skull ring

Silver skull ring for men from our collection

Of course this type of ring is heavy when worn on the finger, forget the association with other rings.

But it offers a remarkable level of detail making this ring a little original work of art.

The oxidation of silver contrasts with the polished areas, highlighting the fineness of the details and the richness of the sculpture of the skull.

Calavera ring for women

Catrina is an emblematic figure of the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

This skeleton elegantly dressed in all colors is the festive symbol of the commemoration of missing loved ones that takes place every first November in Mexico.

Skull Calavera

Make-up of Mexican Calavera all in color taking with femininity the image of the skull

Far from our images of sad cemeteries, Mexicans go with their families to decorate the graves of relatives and watch a good part of the night with the program, drinks and food.

This design of silver ring takes again this figure of the flowered Catrina.

skull ring

Mexican skull ring from our collection

This kind of design is intended more for women because it is embellished with flowers and arabesque highlighting the finesse and artistic detail of the ring.

Here too, the oxidation of silver in the hollows makes it possible to highlight the engravings and details of the design of the ring.

Skull bracelet  

Often the skull bracelets found in the trade are flexible bracelets in the form of strung beads some of which have the shape of a skull.

These lightweight bracelets are fairly standardized.

In the case of this bracelet, it's a bangle of sixty grams in sterling silver for men.

skull bangle

In the shape of a winged skull, inspired by the logo of a group of American metal, it is 30 millimeters wide at the level of the skull and the wings enclose the wrist.

By the size of the bracelet, it can open or close as needed without the risk of breaking.

This same design can also be gold plated, which gives it in this case a rendering out of the ordinary.

skull bracelet

Where to find skull jewelry online ?

A large number of E-shop offers you a wide variety of skull jewelry, here are some of them :


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