The snake is an animal that has had a religious symbolism for many civilizations.

For the Egyptians, Greeks, Mayans and even Hindus, the snake symbolizes life and rebirth, whereas in the Christian tradition it is the symbol of evil.

I invite you to read this full article on the symbolism of the snake that will certainly interest you.

Snake gold bracelet Greek snake bracelet


Antiquity has left us many representations and artifacts of snakes, including representations in the form of gold jewelry, it is these that interest us.

We will present our different achievements of snake jewelry in precious metals and then present other achievements of antique snake jewelry.

Why use the image of the snake in jewelry ?

In addition to the symbolism associated with the snake throughout history, its long and elongated shape, interlaced or rolled up makes it a subject of choice for its faithful or symbolic reproduction on the finger, wrist, arm, necklace or earrings.

Egyptien snake bracelet

For the jeweler, the snake is a subject of choice that can be redrawn a thousand times, twisted and folded without ever distorting the subject of reference.

It is therefore normal that we find the snake in all forms of jewelry.

You'll discover in this article some works of reproduction/creation of snake jewels in silver or gold which will certainly inspire you.

A silver snake arm bracelet

This jewel is a reproduction of an ancient Hellenic arm bracelet dating back 2300 years. For the Greeks, the snake symbolized protection, the moults of the snake symbolizing the renewal of life.

Antique Greek gold snake arm bracelet

The original jewel (visible on the left) is pure gold set with a cabochon garnet.

This is a historic piece auctioned by Christies for $ 54,000.

We had the opportunity to reproduce this silver arm bracelet design set with an amethyst stone.

You can read the details of the reproduction of this snake arm bracelet through this article.

The snake theme is particularly suitable for making arm bracelets, wrapped around the snake with one or more turns.

In the case of the silver arm bracelet that we manufactured, the latter weighs 200 grams and makes a total of two rounds around the arm while remaining open, allowing to tighten it if necessary to ensure its good arm support.

Gold snake rings 

The snake is also very represented in the form of a ring.

This first model of gold snake ring shows a snake wrapped around the finger whose body is wavy.

Gold snake ring

This open snake ring design makes it easy to adjust the ring size when needed.

On the contrary the Ouroboros snake ring design is not adjustable.

Ouroboros is the representation of a snake biting its tail, a symbol that has appeared for thousands of years and is represented in the form of Egyptian jewels dating back to before our era in particular.

18k gold ring Ouroboros

Ouroboros ring in 18 carat gold, Vivalatina collection (fr)

Snake pendant 

The snake is also very suitable for making pendants.

In Greek mythology, the Caduceus of the god Hermes is made up of two snakes intertwined on a laurel stem and overhung by two wings, whereas the staff of Asclepius who has become the symbol of the medical profession is made of a snake wound on a wooden stick.

It is therefore common to see the snake pendants represented as a snake wound on an object or a cross.

In this case, it is a cobra snake wound on a cross of Egyptian life that we had the opportunity to manufacture.

Egyptian pendant snake

Detail view of the cobra rolled on the Egyptian cross of life

You'll find details of the manufacture of this pendant, including the silver snake, described in this article.

Snake bracelet 

Of course, the snake is very represented in jewelry in the form of bracelets.

Here is a snake bracelet design on which we are currently working.

Snake bracelet

Find this silver snake bracelet on our online shop here

It is a bangle bracelet with opening mechanism representing a snake set with stones and covered with enamel.

This bracelet, despite its volume weighs only 60 grams of 925 silver grams.

Snake jewelry in antiquity

Of course the representations of the snake are not limited to what we could do in the workshop.

You will be able to discover many examples of historical pieces on Pinterest, on this board especially dedicated to snake jewels.

Greek snake ring Roman snake gold ring


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