Topaz stone

Blue topaz is the most popular topaz variety and is one of the most coveted gemstones to be ring mounted.

But did you know it ?

The topaz blue color is most often obtained by treatment.

Blue topazes are distinguished by three distinct shades of blue : London blue, Swiss blue and Blue sky, which you can observe comparatively in the following picture.

Blue topaz stones

July 26, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

Creation of gold rings with blue topaz stone

Blue topaz stone is the best known of the many variants of topaz.

This stone can indeed take colors ranging from orange to pink through purple; as explained in this complete article on topaz stone (fr).

Topaz is particularly popular in making engagement rings. To break with the classic and expensive diamond so difficult to choose, the topaz stone can offer a very reasonable price for a large stone color pleasing to the eye, original which is as good with the yellow gold as white gold.

We will detail the manufacture of different designs of gold rings with blue topaz crafted in our own jewelry workshop.

gold ring 18k with blue topaz stone and amethyst stones

July 24, 2019 — Hugo Maherault