Engagement is a landmark event that brings many couples to make their first diamond ring purchase for the occasion.

While it's always difficult to choose an engagement ring design, diamond trilogy rings are a classic jewelry item, more affordable at equal diamond weights than custom-made engagement rings (fr).

Given the price of diamonds, our client Zarina decided to recycle family diamonds for this occasion in the form of an old solitaire diamond ring and diamond earrings that no longer suited her.

The result is a trilogy diamond ring design incorporating the 3 diamonds already in her possession and some of the gold she already owned.

For a small fee, she was able to get the economic engagement ring and set with 3 diamonds, in short the ring of her dreams.

Trilogy diamonds ring

3 diamonds ring set with 6 claws in 14-karat white gold, via our online ring creation service

Note that if this achievement was tailor-made, this diamond trilogy ring design (fr) is available in our engagement ring collection here.

If you know your ring size and already know which finger you will wear it (fr), you too can request a quote for your 3 diamond ring project.

Trilogy diamonds ring Trilogy diamonds ring Trilogy diamonds ring

Examples of 3 diamond trilogy rings from our engagement ring collection

Recovery of 3 diamonds and gold

Our client brought us a poor-quality white gold ring whose rhodium-plated, fading, showed a gray/yellow gold alloy (read this article to learn more about the yellowness of white gold) as well as an old pair of earrings which she had lost the butterfly clasps.

Trilogy diamonds gold ring

White gold jewelry and recovered diamonds for the creation of our ring

As can be seen in the photo, the diamonds are dirty and the white gold of poor quality (it appears yellow under the rhodium).

Diamonds are then set aside and the gold melted to be used to create the ring.

Melting-pot for gold

Our melting-pot with gold that we'll melt

We notice in the crucible the jewels of our client, a plate of fine gold and pieces of alloy that will give color to white gold, tinted white in the mass.

Ring design

The design is that of a simple ring refined in the upper part to receive a 0.45 ct 5 mm main diamond accompanied by two small 3.4 mm diamonds of 0.15 ct each.

Ring design

The computer tool allows us to appreciate the rendering of the design even before its manufacture

Trilogy diamonds ring design

Our 3 diamonds ring seen from different angles

It should be noted that the diamonds in question have flaws, especially one of the small diamonds that is chipped. This defect is hidden when mounting under a claw.

Diamonds having a good cut quality, it doesn't affect the brightness of the latter.

Once the design is frozen, we can begin manufacturing in our jewelry workshop.

3 diamonds ring

This design has only 4 claws per diamond instead of 6 for our engagement ring

We can then appreciate the color of white gold before polishing and rhodium.

This finishes the deburring and polishing finishes of the ring before crimping the diamonds to their location.

Trilogy diamonds ring

We appreciate in this picture the light rendering of diamonds

Trilogy diamonds ring

View showing facets of diamonds and claws crimping them

Here are some examples of engagement rings with diamonds or not, made in our jewelry workshop :

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Gold engagement ring with solitary diamond Big diamond ring Engagement ring with solitary diamond
White gold engagement ring with solitary diamond Engagement ring with topaz stone Flower-shaped engagement ring


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September 30, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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