On the occasion of a wedding, among other jewelry that you wear (fr), the choice of wedding rings is obviously essential.

How wedding rings are presented is also a detail that is important, fortunately, more economical than the wedding rings themselves.

Whether you are looking for original or classic heart-shaped wedding ring designs with lace, we'll guide you to share the best design ideas and online stores.

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When you want to make custom wedding rings, it's imperative to take your ring size correctly, as explained here, and to think of engraving, a simple and economical way to customize wedding rings.

Ask here for a quote for your custom wedding ring project.

Different types of cushions for wedding rings

Cushions with lace or embroidered

For the event that is a wedding and according to the design of the bride's dress, lace or embroidered can perfectly suit.

The chosen cushion style will depend on the mood of the wedding and the bride's dress.

Often, white or light colors/pastels will predominate.

Wedding ring cushion

Example of a wedding ring cushion with black lace from the Boutique Décoration de Mariage (fr)

Ring cushion

Embroidered wedding ring cushion 

Cushions are usually square but can be round and then make 15 to 20 centimeters of sides.

You'll find on this Pinterest board a wide choice of cushions with lace for your rings.

cushions examples


Heart-shaped cushions 

Logical choice when it comes to love, the heart is a classic, which can remain sober if it is the desire of the newlyweds or who can be personalized by its decoration, color and choice of materials according to the style of the wedding once again.

Here are different examples of heart-shaped ring cushions on the web.

Heart-shaped ring cushions

Heart-shaped wedding cushions, see board pinterest on this theme

Original cushions

The choice of an original wedding ring is difficult because it is a fabric cushion, so the possibilities are relatively limited.

You can either turn to the option of a custom cushion (seen below) or simply choose a non-cushioned wedding ring, offering even more freedom in terms of materials and design :

  • flowers
  • wood, branches, foam
  • shells
  • straw

    original cushions examples

    This page presents a large number of original wedding rings holders (fr), we recommend that you take a tour

    Custom cushions

    If none of the above options are right for you, you can turn to a custom solution to make the cushions of your design or according to your tastes.

    Several craftsmen propose in France their service of creation of cushions of custom wedding rings :

      How to tie the wedding rings on the cushion ?

      All wedding ring cushions come with two drawstrings that attach the wedding rings to the cushion by a single knot.

      Still need to know how to go about properly attaching the two rings to the cushion so that the presentation is pretty.

      To find out how to do it, the easiest way is to watch this video that shows you how to do it.


      How to make your own wedding rings cushion ?

      For the most creative, it's also possible to create your wedding ring cushions yourself.

      Here is a first interesting and clear video (fr) tutorial to make an embroidered wedding cushion :

      Tutorial (fr) showing the making of a heart-shaped wedding ring cushion :

      For further :

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