Wedding ring engraving, all you need to know for your custom project

The exchange of wedding rings between the spouses remains the highlight of a marriage.

However, the engraving of these is what will remain definitively on the rings that will accompany you all your life.

So, as much choose an engraving that suits you.

In this article, we will go through all the questions you can ask yourself about the engraving of the text on your wedding ring.


Gold opal ring

Engraving names on this gold mexican fire opal ring with opal and diamond made to measure

Examples of custom engraved wedding duos rings made in our jewelry workshop:

wedding rings engraved wedding rings engraved wedding rings engraved

An idea of an original engraving for wedding ring

To choose an original text to engrave, you must look for an event that has marked your relationship, the common base of your memories together.

We can try to make originality but it's especially the engraved texts that have a common sense that will be the most durable.

Originality is subject to fashion and your environment.

However you'll find very good ideas of texts to engrave described in this article of the Zankyou webzine.

White gold wedding ring

On this white gold skull ring, a simple wedding date is engraved

This other ring below is engraved with a strong message following a milestone life event.

wedding ring engraved

Engraving of a date and names of the spouses on this other silver corset ring.

engraved wedding ring

You can also refer to variants of the writing mode, whether by changing the font, the language :

  • choice of a language other than French (Latin or other for binational ...)
  • choice of another alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Elvish)
  • writing font of your choice
  • Roman numerals
  • Internal engraving made with diamond or external embossed

Here is an example of a wedding ring (fr) engraved with the date of marriage in Roman numerals and the phrase "until death", that is 29 characters.

engraved wedding rings

Engraving silver skull ring, names on the outside, custom engraving on the inside

On this duet of Celtic alliances, the names were engraved, that of the woman on the ring of the man and conversely, of a simplicity all the more significant.

engraved duo wedding rings

Celtic engraving on the outer circumference and engraving of the names made with diamond inside the rings

This Roman wedding ring is engraved through the wedding date of the couple.

roman engraved wedding ring

Roman wedding ring of the Vivalatina wedding rings collection (fr)


Which engraving process to choose ?

The engraving of your wedding rings can be done in several ways, each impacting what is possible to do and the cost of engraving.

Mechanical diamond engraving

The most commonly used machine is used to engrave only the inside of wedding rings.

engraving machine

View of the machine allowing diamond engraving of wedding rings

A diamond tip scratches the metal to make the engraving.

This point is connected to a mechanical arm that captures the jeweler to describe a stylet on a metal alphabet letters or numbers to engrave.

This process works very well and it's economical.

Its limitations are :

  • it takes a new wheel of letters and numbers to each new font (which is expensive, especially for fonts can used)
  • it only allows the internal engraving of the rings
  • it does not allow engraving below a certain size, which will limit the engraving of particularly fine alliances

    Computer-aided diamond engraving

    This is the same process as before except that we change the type of machine.

    Here, a diamond tip mounted on a 4-axis machine controlled by a computer will scratch the metal to achieve the engraving of wedding rings.

    Engraving machine

    View of the wedding ring mounted on a robotic axis, it turns while the arm on which is fixed the diamond engraves the date of the wedding

    The advantage of this process is that one can (in theory) burn all the fonts without investing in new tools.

    You can also engrave drawings or logo.

    It thus offers more flexibility.

    The advantages of this process are :

    • an infinity of possible engraving fonts
    • internal or external engraving of the ring
    • the engraving can be extremely small, less than 0.9 mm

      Engraving date of wedding

      Enlarged view 6 times of engraving made at the computer-controlled diamond tip

      engraved wedding ring

      Engraving view of this women's wedding ring, 0.9 mm high only

      Here is a preview of the engraving in video.

      Laser engraving

      Laser engraving offers the same possibilities as cnc diamond engraving.

      The difference is that instead of having a diamond tip that engraves the material, it is a laser that will sublimate the metal and make it evaporate, leaving its mark.

      The appearance of the metal is then dark, as burned.

      wedding ring engraving

      Weddings rings engraved with laser by the company Cbijoux

      You'll be able to realize the steps of this engraving method by watching this video :

      Source video

      Engraving manually

      The traditional technique that offers an inimitable rendering.

      We don't practice in our jewelry workshop, but I offer a preview of this technique and its video rendering.

      Manual engraving makes it possible to engrave everything, whatever your wish.
      The mastery of this process and the time required to achieve such an engraving make it the most expensive option.

      Here are some master engraving craftsmen addresses that can manually engrave your wedding rings :

      Which font to choose ?

      Although you have chosen the font style that suits you, we must also take into account the available space on the wedding ring for the achievement of engraving and readability.

      In general, your choice of font will be limited with a mechanical engraving machine, according to the fonts available at your jeweler.

      The cnc, laser and manual engravings will give you all the freedom to choose the font of your engraving.

      In a general way, this calligraphy site (fr) will help you find the best font for your engraving project.

      engraved wedding ring

      What is the price of engraving ? 

      This is variable depending on the jeweler you are addressing.

      In most major retailers that sell standardized wedding rings and offer classic engravings, engraving will be mostly available.

      In the case of independent jewelers, it will depend on your project if you have your custom wedding ring and the complexity of achieving your engraving.

      For a standard engraving (names and date) count between 25 and 50 dollars in general.

      For a more complex engraving (custom font requiring a cnc machine or a laser engraving machine) count between 40 and 60 dollars.

      For a manual engraving, the price is around 80 dollars, but also depends on the length of your engraving and the rates of the city where the work will be done.


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