For a couple considering their wedding, the choice of a pair of matching wedding rings is an important moment.

It will be necessary to agree on the design and the dimensions of the alliances which will be worn by the man and the woman, during a whole life.

The choice is often on designs that appeal to both and are meaningful for the husband as for his future wife.

Here are some wedding rings duo achievements that we had the opportunity to perform in our jewelry workshop, on behalf of couples who have already married.


Celtic wedding rings duo heart wedding rings duo Biker wedding rings duo
Initials wedding rings duo Leaves wedding rings duo Fleur de lys wedding rings duo

Wedding rings duo in silver

If you are looking for your wedding, a cheap alliance duo, then silver will be your favorite metal.

It is indeed less dense than gold and ready 50 times cheaper.

Thus, you won't be big by the amount of metal and will be able to make your rings the desired size without impacting your budget accordingly.

Wedding rings with Celtic engraving

This pair of Celtic wedding rings was made for a Breton couple who wanted simple silver wedding rings on which would be engraved Celtic signs.

Celtic weddings rings duo

As you can see in these photos, the engraving is fine takes the shape of a triskel and a winding repeated around the ring.

This design is simple and unique for both rings of the couple, these two rings are easily matched without complication.

celtic wedding rings duo

Manufacture details of these wedding rings are visible here (fr)

Assorted brushed silver wedding rings

These are simple alliances in sterling silver with an engraved pattern.

For her, the ring is brushed everywhere around the engraved motif.

For him, the ring is brushed just at the engraved pattern.

This is a simple way to create a pair of matching wedding rings, however, with a particularity for everyone, it's an original solution very simple to achieve.

Wedding rings duo

Silver wedding rings duo

Skull wedding rings

We have several times had the opportunity in our jewelry workshop to make this design of skull wedding rings, custom made by engraving the first names of the two future brides and crimping the stones of their choice in the orbits.

This type of design offers a lot of customization options that we'll make you discover.

Matching wedding rings made of two different metals

These wedding rings have a wide skull in the upper part with the names of the spouses molded in relief on the ring uprights.

In this case, the bridegroom desired an alliance in 18-karat pink gold while her husband made the choice of silver.

The two rings are strictly identical, except for the selected metals and the respective ring sizes.

skull wedding rings

Pair of skull and crossbones in 18-karat pink gold and sterling silver (fr)

Couple of matching wedding rings but with variations on the design

Still with this same design, it is this time of two rings in white gold and pink gold whose ring for woman has been modified to replace the skull with a heart molded in relief.

Two small diamonds 0.75 millimeters in diameter are crimped mass in the heart while the other alliance is set with two small rubies.

Skull wedding rings duo

View of two wedding rings showing differences in design

White gold wedding rings engraved

If you want to stay on white gold wedding rings but with customization of the design, the easiest way is to stay on the classic ring and customize the wedding rings by engraving and or crimping stones.

Heart wedding rings

This pair of rings in white body are two half-ring type rings each engraved with a half heart.

These two rings are in rhodium-plated white gold.

One of the hearts on the bride's wedding ring is plated with a layer of black rodhium, also called black gold in jewelry, while the other alliance is set with small white diamonds set with claws.

Heart wedding rings duo

On these visuals we notice the matching of the two rings, which once joined form one and the same heart.

It is this kind of detail, simple that gives particular hidden to alliances for a price that remains quite affordable.

Heart wedding rings duo

Initial wedding rings

Wedding ring engraving is a classic for custom wedding rings.

This can be names, a date, a sentence or initials as shown in this example of matching alliances engraved initials ZZ straddling the two rings, like the alliances hearts seen above.

initials wedding rings duo

The two rings are in rhodium-plated 18-karat white gold while the background of the engraving is in black gold.

The alliance of the groom is decorated with a small diamond set closed.

The two covenants are therefore well matched while being different.

ZZ wedding rings duo

Wedding rings with leaves

Without having identical alliances, it is conceivable to match his alliances on a particular theme.

These wedding rings are an example.

They are a pair of wedding bands chosen from our catalog of women's gold rings.

wedding rings duo with leaves

This duo is composed of our wedding rings leaves aqualli visible here and our ring leaves with diamonds visible here.

Wedding ring with leaves

Wedding rings with Fleur de lys 

The fleur-de-lis, symbol of French royalty, is a still popular symbol that can serve as a model for assorted wedding bands as presented here.

These ring designs come from our ring collections and can be engraved with the date of wedding or the name of the bride and groom.

Gold signet ring fleur de lys Gold ring fleur de lys


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