The wolf, like other animals in jewels, is a recurring theme in jewelry.

Being an animal that has more or less always rubbed the man, before being domesticated in the form of the dog, it is normal to find his effigy in the form of tattoos, sculptures or jewelry.

The theme of wolf ring for man having been treated many times, we approach it here in the form of an original design of our collection of signet rings (fr) or rings made-to-measure for a customer.

Wolf head ring silver wolf head ring

Two variants of men's rings on the same theme of the wolf

Wolf head signet ring in gold 

This is a wolf head ring whose originality lies in the origami style.

The head is stylized by facets, the eyes being represented by marquise-cut sapphires.

Wolf head ring

Origami wolf ring with sapphire eyes from our signet rings collection for men (fr)

This wolf ring design is from our collection and is identical to our visible gold wolf signet ring in our collection :

Wolf head ring

The ring adapted wolf design

The project begins with the 3D modeling of the ring in the form of a digital model.

The idea is to take an origami wolf head resting on a simple ring. The difficult part is to correctly couple the ring with the origami design of the wolf.

Once the model is sketched, we can have an idea of the rendering in metal via these virtual photos in 3D :

visuals wolf head ring

Virtual views of our wolf ring before manufacturing

Once the design is finalized, we can start the actual manufacture of the ring.

Ring manufacture

A resin model is printed in 3D from the digital file of the CAD model.

wax model ring

It's used to make the mold in refractory plaster in which the molten gold will be poured.

After this lost-wax melting operation, we obtain our white gold ring, a foundry blank.

Wolf head ring

Wolf ring at the end of the casting process

We need to polish the ring to give it a brilliant finish. Given the origami surfaces, this is done by hand, face by side.

Wolf head ring

Wolf head ring

Wolf head ring

Different views of the ring during the polishing phase

The finishing is done by crimping the sapphires in the orbits of the wolf's head and making the truffle of the wolf with a little black lacquer.

Wolf head ring

Wolf head ring

Wolf head ring

Views from different angles of the wolf ring

This ring can also be made in gold and with rubies.

Wolf head ring in gold Wolf head ring in gold Wolf head ring in gold

Wolf head signet ring in silver

This project is the custom creation of a ring for one of our clients. If the design is not 100% a wolf's head, attention will be paid to the fineness of the detail and the accuracy of the engraving given the small size of the wolf's head on the ring top.

wolf ring


The design meets the requirements of our client when etched patterns and shape of the tray. We intervene at this level to advise at best on the disposition of the engraving and volumes to obtain the rendering desired by the sponsor.

We develop a digital model that allows our client to validate the design.

digital model ring

Virtual photos of the digital mockup showing the future rendering of the wolf ring


At first, a wax master is printed by 3D printing. The latter is used to make a refractory plaster mold in which is then poured the liquid silver.

We then get our silver ring, foundry brute, exact replica of the wax master printed from the CAD digital file.

Wolf head ring

Following the finishes, we can appreciate the final rendering, the ring fingered.

Fingered wolf ring

silver wolf signet ring


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October 02, 2019 — Hugo Maherault
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