Although yellow diamond is less used in jewelry than pink diamonds or blue diamonds, they are however much more present in nature than the latter.

Yellow diamond is indeed the most common of all colored diamonds. It owes its hue to the presence of nitrogen atoms in its crystalline structure.

raw yellow diamond

Intense yellow diamond also called daffodil diamond or canary diamond in reference to the bright yellow of the flower similar to that of the bird.


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If we refer to the color scale of white diamonds, the diamonds at the end of the scale are yellow diamonds. The yellow diamonds of the least intense color are U-V-W ... Z white diamonds.

diamond color scale

The color scale of yellow diamond ranges from light yellow to deep yellow as can be seen in the following graphic.

diamond color scale

Of course, the diamond hue varies according to the intensity of the color and the presence of impurity which can make the color tend towards the orange-brown or the green as the case, as shows this picture that summarizes the hue variations of the yellow diamond.

diamond color chartTable showing the color nuances of yellow diamonds (image source)

Treated yellow diamonds

If yellow diamond is relatively common in nature, the price of its intense color is obviously high. That's why some techniques have been developed to artificially tint natural U ... Z color diamonds that aren't much in demand to give them an intense yellow hue.

yellow diamond


Yellow diamond price

It's difficult to give a general price to yellow diamond carat as there are variables between purity, intensity of color and market demand.

In general, yellow diamond being the most common color diamonds, it remains very affordable compared to pink or blue diamonds, beautiful yellow diamonds of 1 carat are available for 4 or 5000 dollars.

Given the growing demand for yellow diamonds, because of fashion, prices tend to rise regularly, so yellow diamond is an interesting investment stone.

The following sheet gives you an order of magnitude of natural yellow diamonds.

price comparative diamond


Famous yellow diamonds

The Tiffany Yellow is an exceptional yellow diamond discovered in 1878 in South Africa and cut into a cushion shape, reaching a weight of 128 carats. Read to know more.

the Tiffany yellow diamond

The Incomparable is a 407-carat yellowish-brown deep yellow diamond discovered in 1984 by a young girl in the DRC. Read to know more.

The incomparable yellow diamond

The Florentin is a pale yellow diamond of 137 carat history since it would be one of the first diamonds to be cut in Europe. It has since disappeared since 1922 and only replicas of engravings exist at present.

the florentin yellow diamond

The SunDrop is a 110 carat yellow diamond with Fancy Vivid Yellow cut in the shape of a pear. It was discovered in South Africa in 2010. Read to know more.

the sundry yellow diamond

Exceptional yellow diamonds, as well as pink and blue diamonds, break records at every new auction.


Free Bonus : Download our complete guide on Diamond (fr).

You'll discover all you need to know to buy diamonds jewelry online or in store.


August 07, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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