Gold bangle ring



Bangle ring for women in solid gold with a very original design.

If there is a conventional design in jewelry, it is that of the bangle ring which has a classic design of a solid or hollow wire domed on the top and presenting a generally variable curvature being larger on the the top part.

We started from this same concept to offer this totally original bangle ring design since the outer shapes of the ring follow that of a classic bangle ring except that the ring body is composed of transverse corrugations which lightens the weight of the ring. the ring and gives it a much more modern and intriguing style from the first glance.

The massive ring to connect all the waves of the design together, but partly hollowed out internally to lighten the design.

So that this ring is 8 millimeters wide at most and 3 millimeters wide at the bottom for a weight of 5 grams of 18 karat gold in size 55. Note that the 18 karat gold weight of your ring may vary slightly. according to your finger size.

When ordering your ring, you can choose the color of 18 carat gold via the drop-down side menu, your choice: white gold, yellow gold or pink gold.

Who is this ring for?

This ring is made for a woman wishing to wear an original ring whose design does not fall into the register of extravagance either. Offering a contemporary, classic-inspired design, it will appeal to a woman wanting a ring that stands out while being easy to wear and quite affordable.

Shipping fees

UPS shipping costs are available when you order, delivery times of 3/6 days after shipping your package.

Shipping fees

For the delivery of your ring, you have the choice between economical delivery, with a 14-day delay by tracked parcel, and UPS delivery with a delay of 3/6 days also via tracked parcel.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Our jewelery workshop is not manufactured in series or stock, your ring will be manufactured in our own workshop following your order.

Please take into account a period of 6 weeks for the manufacture of the latter in our workshop before shipping your package.

We master every step of the way, from CAD modeling, 3D printing, lost wax casting, precious metal ankle work, to the setting of fine stones and diamonds. guarantee the quality of our jewelry.

You can also choose to customize your ring, for that you just have to contact us via our online form.

How choose your ring

If you already know which finger to wear your ring on, in order not to make a mistake in choosing your ring size, we recommend that you measure your finger size using this online video tutorial showing you how easily measure your finger size.

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