Turtle pendant


Turtle pendant in sterling silver.

This pendant takes the form of a turtle shell with its scales with the center of the silhouette of a sea turtle drawn in relief.

The carapace is not flat but resumes the 3-dimensional shape of a real turtle shell, the bottom of the moldings in relief of the scales and the silhouette is blackened in order to bring out the details.

This pendant is 35 millimeters in height with the bail. 17 millimeters wide for a weight of 5 grams in sterling silver.

This pendant with the other jewels from our Tortuga Feliz collection allows us to raise funds for the camp of sea turtles El Naranjo by donating 20% ​​of the sale price of these jewels to this association.

This jewel is the perfect gift or souvenir for anyone who is sensitive to the issue of wildlife protection or a souvenir of sea turtle eggs at night on Mexican beaches.

Take into account that your pendant will be manufactured after your order and that the manufacturing time is 2 weeks before we can ship your pendant.

You have the choice between economical delivery and express delivery via UPS.