Black and white diamond wedding band




Women's wedding ring with black and white diamonds.

The complete diamond tour alliance is a jewelery classic, a timeless design that has attracted women for decades. So if you are looking for a wedding design for your woman, it is likely that it will work.

This ring is composed of a massive 18-carat gold ring 2.5 millimeters wide on which are alternately set white diamonds G-color and SI clarity and black diamonds AAA quality. These diamonds are 2 millimeters in diameter.  

All diamonds (black and white) are set by 4 claws, ensuring a good hold of the latter over time.

The ring is 2.5 grams of gold and the diamond weight is around 0.81 carat with 28 diamonds and 0.87 carat with 30 diamonds, the number depending on your finger size. Indeed, your fingertip impacts the space available on the circumference of the ring for the setting of diamonds. Note that your finger size also slightly impacts the gold weight of the ring.

When ordering your ring, you can choose the 18-carat gold color via the drop-down menu at the choice of white gold, yellow gold or pink gold.

Who is this ring for?

Complete diamond ring ring marrying diamond colors. It is aimed at a woman looking for an affordable, all-round diamond ring with black diamonds that offer a contrast that enhances the brilliance of white diamonds.

Shipping fees

UPS shipping costs are available when you order, delivery times of 3/6 days after shipping your package.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Your ring will be made in our own jewelery workshop following your order. Take into account that we do not manufacture series or stocks.

Following your order, thank you to consider a delay of 6 weeks for the manufacture of your ring to your size.

We master all stages of manufacturing, from CAD modeling, 3D printing, cast iron and ankle work, to the crimping of stones, which allows us to guarantee the quality of our jewelry.

However, if you want to customize your ring, other than an engraving, do not hesitate to contact us via this online form.

How choose your ring

We recommend measuring your finger size using this online tutorial.

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