How to wear a signet ring ?

The signet ring is a jewel of ancient origin, historically used by both women and men.

This is one of the few jewels that had a practical utility function, as it served as proof of identification, like today's digital signatures, in order to seal the letters with a wax seal. and legal acts (marriage, inheritance ...).

large gold signet ring for men

Gold signet ring with black onyx from Vivalatina's collection

Example of signet ring used for sealing purpose

gold templar ring wax seal made with a gold signet ring

If the wearing of the signet ring meets the aesthetic and fashion today, precise rules governed the wearing of signet rings for the nobles during the Middle Ages.

The wearing of the signet ring changes according to the country, the sex and the time.

Here's how you find it, starting with a review of the fingers of your hand :)

which finger to choose to wear your signet ring

Check here dozens of signet ring models made in our workshop

large gold onyx signet ring for men large gold skull ring heraldic lion signet ring

Which finger to choose to wear my signet ring ?

First things first, as the adage says: 

"Messieurs les français, tirez en premier"

In France

The rules of the French nobility are:

  • Women wear their signet ring to the right little finger
  • The men (cadet and youngest) carry their signet ring to the right little finger
  • Senior men of their family wear their signet ring in the left ring finger so with their wedding ring

For women, the signet ring can be worn in two ways depending on whether they are married or not:

  • in hand-kiss: the engraved motif of the signet ring is turned towards the nail, sign that the person is free
  • in battle: the engraved motif is turned towards the wearer, sign that it is in married.

In England

The signet ring is usually worn on the left little finger, or on the right little finger if you are left-handed.

princes charles wear is signet ring on the left hand pinkie finger

Prince Charles wearing his signet ring to the left little finger

In Switzerland

The signet ring is wore on the ring finger of the left hand.


eagle silver signet ring black diamond signet ring in gold silver signet ring

This explained in video


The history of the wearing of the signet ring goes back to Roman antiquity (and perhaps beyond) and the codification remained after the fall of the Roman Empire among the peoples who then inherited this use.

As can be seen, the wearing of the signet ring in the nobility is essential to the little finger (except for siblings), because the signet ring historically used to seal the documents, it was more convenient to wear it on this finger.

Today, apart from nobility, everyone is free to wear it at the finger of their choice.

Hereafter, you can see several custom-made signet rings:

family crest of arms signet ring large silver signet ring gold tanzanite signet ring


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