18k gold heart pendant


Solid heart pendant in 750/1000 solid gold.

The heart-shaped pendants are a classic jewelry to make a gift between lovers. Although it is difficult to make originality when it comes to resume the classic themes of jewelry, it seems that this pendant is both beautiful and very original.

This pendant takes the form of a heart represented in the form of coloring lines, which gives it an airy style at the same time modern and charming. You will notice that the gold features constituting the heart do not regularly follow the contours of the hearts, which makes this design all the more original.

With an approximate weight of 4.5 grams, the heart is 22 millimeters in height and 26 millimeters in width while the total height of the pendant is 26 millimeters taking into account the bail to suspend it to the necklace.  

His style makes it a pendant both relatively large and conspicuous neck without being too heavy in gold and therefore relatively economical. This is a jewel of character that will please your partner for sure and seduce by its design that is out of the ordinary.

When ordering, you have the choice, via the side drop-down menu of the 18-carat gold color of your jewel: yellow gold, white gold or pink 18 carats.

Attention, only the pendant is sold and delivered without chain. You can discover this fine chain in 18 carat gold which will be suitable to carry your pendant.

Who is this pendant for?

For a woman, he is the perfect gift to show him your love. Featuring an original design for an ultra classic jewelry, you are certain to surprise her with this design of heart pendant revisited and reworked giving it a cheerful and modern style.

Shipping fees

UPS shipping costs are available when you order, allow a delivery time of 3/6 days after shipping your package.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Our jewelery workshop is not manufactured in series or stock, your pendant will be manufactured in our own workshop following your order.

Please take into account a period of 4 weeks for the manufacture of the latter in our workshop before shipping your package.

We master every step of the way, from CAD modeling, 3D printing, lost wax casting, precious metal ankle work, to the setting of fine stones and diamonds. guarantee the quality of our jewelry.

You can also choose to customize your pendant, for that you just have to contact us via our online form.

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