Aztec Brooch of a Jaguar with a Mexican Opal

Aztec Brooch of a Jaguar with an Opal


Aztec brooch in sterling silver set with a large opal.

This brooch represents a Jaguar embracing in its paws a large red opal stone from the Mexican opal mines of Magdalena de los Opalos. As you can see in the pictures, the jaguar is very detailed with the ears, the stains of its fur are represented with a specific texture, and his eyes are represented by two blue diamonds that are 3 millimeters in diameter, with a total diamond weight of 0,22 carat.

Note that these are natural diamonds color-treated to give them their blue color, they are not natural fancy blue diamonds.

This jaguar was sculpted by hand before being cast in sterling silver. The beast holds the gems in his paws and shows an intense look in front of him, appearing alive. The gem is a  Mexican fire opal weighing 22 carats and that is 41 millimeters long and 18 millimeters large. This deep red opal is a huge gem that shows some imperfections and inclusions as you can see in the pictures, enhancing the wild aspect of the brooch.

At the back of the brooch, a double brooch pin allows you to pin your brooch on your cloth.

The whole size of the brooch is 46 millimeters high and 42 millimeters large with a total weight of 37 grams.

This Jaguar brooch is a unique piece of jewelry handcrafted and especially made to match this natural fire opal.

Jaguar symbolism for Aztecs:

The Aztecs regarded the jaguar as the bravest of beasts and therefore was their favourite symbol of strength and war. The jaguar being the most powerful beast, able to hunt on the ground, in the water, and in the trees, the jaguar was seen as a very powerful entity and a mystic soul, equal to humans. Aztec rulers used the jaguar's claws, fangs, furs, and even added jaguar to their name to emphasize their power and dominance over others.

Who is this brooch for?

This brooch will appeal to a woman looking for a unique Aztec piece of jewelry and that loves the jaguar spirit represented by this brooch. She already wears Aztec jewelry and will love to combine her Aztec brooch with it.

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