Black onyx and diamond ring


Signet ring with black onyx stone and diamonds in 18-karat gold.

This rather massive signet ring consists of a central onyx stone about 10 millimeters in diameter surrounded by 32 small HSI quality diamonds.

The fine signet ring at the base broadens generously around the onyx stone to present an engraved pattern in the image of a snakeskin to better appreciate the reflections and contrasts offered by the polished solid gold.

You will notice the color contrasts between onyx, diamonds, and gold regardless of the color of gold chosen.

32 small rounded diamond claw surround the onyx stone giving a significant luminous effect that contrasts with the deep black of the onyx stone.

In size US 10, the ring is 17 millimeters wide at the top and 4 millimeters wide at the bottom for a weight of about 9 grams of gold, the onyx 10 millimeters in diameter and the set of diamonds weighs 0.29ct.

This ring is intended for a man looking for a large and visible onyx signet ring that will attract the eye by the diamonds set on the plateau.

Take into account a delay of 4 weeks for the making of your ring in our workshop following your order.

This signet ring is available in 18k yellow or white gold.

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